BURN DCF 38L | 2300 CI

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The FKT Record Setter.

WEIGHT: 16oz | 403 gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD RANGE: 18 – 25 lb | 8 – 12 kg

The iconic Burn 38L | 2300 CI, is our Original UL Backpack, and although it is often copied, it has never been surpassed.

The Burn CF is the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) twin of the Burn 38L | 2300 CI, Burn’s have been used by many FKT (fastest know time) record setting thru-hikers including three time Triple Crowner Lint Bunting.

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BURN DCF 38L | 2300 CI

The FKT/Thru-Hike Record Setter
WEIGHT: 16oz | 403 gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD RANGE: 18 – 25 lb | 8 – 12 kg

The Burn CF is the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) twin of the Burn 38L | 2300 CI, Burn’s have been used by many FKT (fastest know time) record setting thru-hikers including Triple Crowners.

2022 Design Change: Stronger and more abrasion resistant. The rear main pocket is now solid matching fabric with lower corner drain mesh like the side pockets. Not shown in current pictures.

Many small packs may look like the Burn. None have all the features, the awesome comfort and not the design and construction detail. Wide and thick shoulder straps, padded hipbelt wings and multiple small details including over 50 bartacks set it apart from stripped down packs.

The Burn CF 38L is here to help you exceed your long distance and fast packing trail goals. Ultralight, strong, and optimized in every way to make you lighter and faster.

SIZE NOTE: MED and LG Burns have have wide 3″ shoulder straps and full size padded hip belt wings- 29″ minimum girth. Small Burns have 2.75″ straps and slightly smaller fully padded hip belt wings. 27″ minimum girth.

“Double thumbs up. Since 2010, I have owned two Burns. Each has at least 8,000 miles on it. I’ve yet to have any tears to the body of either pack.” – CAM HONAN

“The Burn really is an exceptionally well thought out, well made, bomber little pack. And as with all MLD products, the quality and attention to detail is second to none and a strong reminder why MLD is at the top of cottage manufactured ultralight gear.  – UL Gear Blog


• DCF Burn is seam taped inside for better water resistance. A tube of sealer is supplied to use on the outside seams, stitching and barracks to add to the durability and water resistance. NOTE: It is not a full dry bag and not submersible.
• Roll top design secures into the integrated side compression straps. This helps stabilize the load significantly vs only a single over the top strap.
• Over The Top adjustable Y strap secures and stabilize loads and provides a secure strapping system to attach items on top of the pack.
• DCF version is the same size and constructed as the DX 210D Ripstop version.
• DCF does not absorb water.
• Many internal DCF reinforcements are bonded to the body in high stress areas. Other areas are over-taped for even more strength.


• Curved Side Panels: A slight curve from the waist to the shoulders move the load closer to the upper back for more comfort. This creates a slightly larger main compartment higher in the pack that aids load control and natural hip rotation by moving the heavier gear up to reduces shoulder stress.
• S-shaped unisex comfort shoulder straps are 3″ wide X 0.8″ thick. SuperWick mesh lined with full-length highest quality 1/2″ EVA foam padding. Our shoulder straps are thicker and wider than other lightweight packs. Full length daisy chain accepts Shoulder Strap Pouches and add durability and strength. See SPECS  Tab for more info.
• Large padded lightweight DX 210D Ripstop hip-belt wings with 1″ webbing and an ultra lightweight buckle. Optional removable Hip Pockets can be attached. Hip belt wings are separate from the shoulder strap. Easy to cut off if no hipbelt desired.
• Large, slanted side pockets are deep enough for a 2L Platypus or a taller 1.5L SmartWater bottle. Top bungee sleeves are DX 210D Ripstop for long term durability cheaper style wrapped tops of uncovered elastic bands. Pocket adjusts by pulling the bungee closed through the cord lock. Double Bungee cord is 1/8″ thick 40 below rated. Many packs simply bind over the top of the raw mesh with regular garment type elastic that loses it’s stretch in a few years and does not do well in deep cold weather.
• 8 bungee attachment web loops with 7mm glide rings for load compression and gear lashing.


• 10″ of black 1/8″ bungee cord. Can be used for strapping gear on the outside or adding compression to the pack body. (Not included in base pack weight)
• 2 mini cord clips and 3 cord locks (Not included in base pack weight)
• “Most Awesome Sternum Strap In The World” with Black Whistle-Lock Buckle 0.5 oz (Not included in base pack weight)


The Burn can be stripped down to about 12oz using only a pair of scissors.
1: Cut off the hip belt wings. -2oz
2: Cut off the side compression straps. -.5oz
3: Cut off extra length from webbing straps. -.5oz
4: Convert the over the top Y strap to a single strap.-.5oz
5: Cut off multiple small bungee straps points. -.25oz
6: Cut off extra buckles. -.25
See our video on timing down the Burn.

WEIGHT: 16.5oz | 467 gm (Optional external bungee cord and sternum strap not included in base weight)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 10″ Wide x 6″ Thick x 32″ Tall || 25cm Wide x 15cm Thick x 80cm Tall
MAX LOAD RATING: 25 lbs| 12kg (Max recommended for a frameless pack.)
Waistbelt Minimum Girth: Small 27″/68cm – Medium+Large 29″/73cm
Shoulder Strap Width Small 2.75″/7cm Medium+Large 3″/7.75cm
Space between Shoulder Straps at Neck: Small 2.75″/7cm Medium+Large 3″/7.75cm

TOTAL MAX VOLUME: 38L | 2300 CI (using extension collar)
TOTAL MIN VOLUME: 19L | 1200 CI (with compression bungees engaged)
SIDE POCKETS: 2.5L + 2.5L | 150 CI + 150 CI

BODY: 3oz and 5oz DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber)
COLOR: Gray/Black Only


COST: $18-36
WEIGHT: 1 oz (each) | 28 gms (each)

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets, you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had! Weighing in at 1oz | 28 gms, the Bottle Pockets is made of 4 Way Stretch Tough Mesh, closes tightly with a stuff sack style bungee top and fits most 12 oz to 32 oz. Also weighing in at 1oz | 28gms, the Gear Pocket is fully enclosed with a #5YKK water resistant zipper – Large enough for any phone or gps unit. Great for storing snacks, maps books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you might need to access quickly. Add one, one for each side, or one of each to your pack. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


COST: $18-32
WEIGHT: 0.999 oz | 28.32117 gm

Our Hip Belt Pack Pockets give you little extra external pack storage, right where you need it! These super tough, waterproof, zippered pack pockets attach to almost any type of hip-belt, strap, pack daisy chain or pack side compression straps to give you easy to access, secure storage for phones, keys, cameras, and whatever else you want to keep close by. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


COST: $4
WEIGHT: 0.7oz | 22 gm

Add an extra 10ft / 3m of 1/8” bungee cord and a cordlock to your purchase. Available in lime green, purple, red, BW speckled, and black. NOTE: A black bungee cord kit comes with the pack FREE, other colors are sold as an option only. MORE INFO.










TORSO LENGTH: 18 in | 46 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’2″ – 5’6″ | 157 cm – 168 cm


TORSO LENGTH: 20 in | 51 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’6″ – 5’10” | 168 cm – 178 cm.


TORSO LENGTH: 21.5″ | 55 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’10” – 6’2″ | 178 cm – 188 cm.




• Torso lengths on MLD packs are measured from the bottom of the pack below the waist belt wings to the point where the shoulder straps attach to the pack. (Framed pack fit guides often measure to the middle of very tall hip belts and so are 1″-3″shorter than frameless pack measures.)
• 95% of MLD packs users do best to go by our height guidelines
• Different pack makers and outdoor stores measure for torso length differently AND frameless pack are measured and fit differently than fully framed packs with large hip belts. DO NOT go to your local outdoor store (REI etc…) and “get pack fitted” and then select a size/length based on that measurement; it will be wrong!
• Use our height guide! If you need help deciding the right size – Please feel free to give us a call. (Please don’t order multiple sizes as a guess!)
• Test Fit You Pack Indoors after Receiving it – We are happy to exchange for different size or refund new/unused packs.

• If In Doubt – SIZE UP!

Q: Why doesn’t the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) version weigh a lot less than the DX 210D Ripstop version?
A: The amount of fabric in the main pack body is only about 40% of the total pack weight. Mesh pockets, straps, 3D mesh on straps, shoulder & hip belt strap foam, and hardware accounts for the other 60%. The DCF we use is fairly tough and weighs about the same as the DX 210D Ripstop and so the pack total weight is about the same. The DCF version is seam taped inside for more water resistance.

3 reviews for BURN DCF 38L | 2300 CI

  1. Ian Flannery (verified owner)

    Just received the DCF Burn to replace my original Burn that I have enjoyed using for the past few years. There was nothing wrong with the original with the exception of a tiny hole in the mesh in large front pouch. It was extremely comfortable to use. Wether it is a day hike or 7 day backpacking trip in the UK you’re going to get rain and lots of it at times. I have used pack liners and pack covers but they don’t do it for me. Having had experience of DCF before I was delighted to find that Ron had decided to introduce the range in DCF.
    Do I like it? No, I love it! It’s even better than the original thanks to the subtle changes to top fastening, side straps, wider shoulder straps etc. – it’s brilliant. Carries the same, same build, just as comfy but without having to worry about the weather. Many thanks to Ron and the team at MLD.

  2. gtrob (verified owner)

    Have had mine for a year now and used it on multiple trips. It’s great. Comfortable straps, great design, flexible. I’m glad I spent the extra on DCF. I just throw stuff in and don’t worry about it getting wet. I’d buy it again.

  3. David Harris (verified owner)

    I’ve been gradually reducing my base weight and the Burn was the final piece of that process. Just got back from San Jacinto Mtn. with a base weight of 12 lbs including a bear canister. It took me a few repacks to get the canister situated since this was my first time with this type of pack and it was extremely comfortable. The hip belt and shoulder straps were perfect for my type of load and easily could have supported 25 lbs. this is the pack i’ll Use for a long time to come. And I like the convenience of the side pockets and the big mesh pocket. There is nothing I would change!
    As for customer service- it was excellent! Ron answered my email within an hour and he set up a priority express mail delivery so I could use the pack on an upcoming trip.
    I recommend MLD products to my friends who are on a similar UL journey.

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