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BURN CF 38L | 2300 CI


The FKT Record Setter.

WEIGHT: 11.5 oz | 370 gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD RANGE: 16 – 20 lbs | 7 -9 kg

The Burn CF is the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) twin of the Burn 38L | 2300 CI, a pack that has been used by many FKT (fastest know time) record setting thru-hikers including three time Triple Crowner Lint Bunting.


BURN CF 38L | 2300 CI

The FKT Record Setter
WEIGHT: 13 oz | 345 gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD LIMIT: 22 lbs | 10 kg

NOTE: AUG 28, 2018: DCF Packs ordered now will be a Medium Gray Color. Pictures Soon!

MED and LG Burns now have have wider 3″ straps and updated padded hip belt wings. 29″ minimum Girth.
Small Burns have 2.5″ straps and padded hip belt wings. 27″ minimum girth.
(Pictures show old Burn and will be updated soon.)

The Burn CF is the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) twin of the Burn 38L | 2300 CI, a pack that has been used by many FKT (fastest know time) record setting thru-hikers including three time Triple Crowner Lint Bunting.

FKT, or “Fastest Known Time,” is the fastest time hikers, bikers, runners, and other endurance athletes have completed a certain trail or distance. The ethos behind FKT is self-reliance. The FKT concept includes personal FKT’s – Your Own Personal Goal. To achieve a personal FKT gear is trimmed to the minimum and knowledge and training become key factors; movement is calculated to be as efficient as possible regardless of your overall speed or daily mileage.

The Burn CF 38L is here to help you meet your own FKT goals – ultralight, ultra-strong, and optimized in every way to make you faster, lighter, stronger.

NOTE: Optional hip belt pockets, shoulder strap pockets, and pack lids are available in Stealth Grey only.


• DCF version is seam taped inside for better water resistance. Keys areas are also liquid seam sealed. It’s not as water resistant as a dedicated River Style Dry Bag but does a good job of rain protection. Use of stuff sacks inside encouraged, but there is no need for an additional pack liner or rain cover.
• DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) is a little stiffer material making is a bit easier to load.
• DCF version uses a roll top design integrated into the side compression system for simplicity.
• DCF version does not have the bottom volume reduction loops, hydration ports or inside hang loops
• DCF version is the same size and constructed as the Dyneema version
• DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) does not absorb water: The pack has slightly fewer straps, so it will weight 1- 3 oz less when wet in prolonged rains.
• The White colored DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) makes the interior brighter to help locate gear in low-light.
• We love the awesome white color!
• DCF version uses a double-thick lower back panel in DCF + Dyneema X for abrasion resistance.
• DCF version uses the same EVA padded shoulder and hip belts.
• DCF version weighs slightly less


• NEW FOR 2017: Curved Side Panels: A slight curve from the waist to the shoulders moves the load closer to the upper back for more comfort. This also creates a slightly larger main compartment higher in the pack that helps load control by moving the heavier and higher packed gear higher to reduces shoulder stress.
• S-shaped unisex comfort shoulder straps are 2.75″ wide X 0.8″ thick and are SuperWick mesh lined with full-length highest quality 1/2″ thick EVA foam padding. Our shoulder straps are thicker and wider than most lightweight packs. Half length daisy chain saves weight and accepts all Shoulder Strap Pouches.
• Hybrid Mesh/Dyneema X Side and Rear Pockets. The leading edge of the side pockets are Dyneema X to prevent snagging when moving through the bush. The lower 5″ of the rear pocket is Dyneema X to prevent abrasion from sharp contents or butt sliding accidents. The 4 oz sq/yd open hole non-stretch water and drains fast to allow contents to dry faster than a tight stretch mesh or solid fabric. Dyneema X elastic top sleeves for long term Durability and elastic replacement.
• Large padded lightweight Dyneema X hip-belt wings with 1″ webbing and ultra lightweight buckle. Optional removable Hip Pocket can be attached.
• Large, slanted mesh side pockets are deep enough for a 2 L Platypus. Top bungee sleeves of Dyneema X for long term durability vs. cheaper style wrapped tops of uncovered elastic bands. Pocket adjusts by pulling the bungee closed through the cord lock. Bungee is 1/8″ thick 40 below rated elastic in a nylon sheath style bungee. Many lower priced packs simply bind over the top of the raw mesh with regular garment type elastic that loses it’s stretch in a few years and does not do well in deep cold weather.
• 12 bungee attachment web loops with 7 mm glide rings for multiple attachment points for load compression and gear lashing. A short loop of 3 mm line can be attached to the lower loops for trekking pole and ice ax attachment
• Removable Multi-position “Most Awesome Sternum Strap In The World” with Black Whistle-Lock Buckle 0.5 oz (not included in base pack weight)
• Long shoulder straps terminate in hand/finger rest loops.


• 10″ of black 1/8″ bungee cord
• 2 mini cord clips and 3 cord locks

WEIGHT: 11.5 oz | 325 gm (Optional external bungee cord and sternum strap not include in base weight)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 10″ Wide x 6″ Thick x 26″ Tall || 25 cm Wide x 15 cm Thick x 66 cm Tall
MAX LOAD RATING: 25 lbs| 11.33 (Max recommended for a frameless pack.)

TOTAL MAX VOLUME: 38L | 2300 CI (using extension collar)
TOTAL MIN VOLUME: 19L | 1200 CI (with compression bungees engaged)
SIDE POCKETS: 2.5L + 2.5L | 150 CI + 150 CI

BODY: 3.4 oz sq yd DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber)
BACK PANEL: 4 oz DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber)
HIGH WEAR AREAS: 4.5 oz Dyneema X
COLOR: White Only


WEIGHT: 2 oz | 57 gm

If you think you’ll need a little more storage, our UltraLight Pack Lid instantly adds 200 – 400 CI of fast access storage to our ultralight lidless packs. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


COST: $18-36
WEIGHT: 1 oz (each) | 28 gms (each)

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets, you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had! Weighing in at 1oz | 28 gms, the Bottle Pockets is made of 4 Way Stretch Tough Mesh, closes tightly with a stuff sack style bungee top and fits most 12 oz to 32 oz. Also weighing in at 1oz | 28gms, the Gear Pocket is fully enclosed with a #5YKK water resistant zipper – Large enough for any phone or gps unit. Great for storing snacks, maps books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you might need to access quickly. Add one, one for each side, or one of each to your pack. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


COST: $18-32
WEIGHT: 0.999 oz | 28.32117 gm

Our Hip Belt Pack Pockets give you little extra external pack storage, right where you need it! These super tough, waterproof, zippered pack pockets attach to almost any type of hip-belt, strap, pack daisy chain or pack side compression straps to give you easy to access, secure storage for phones, keys, cameras, and whatever else you want to keep close by. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


TORSO LENGTH: 18 in | 46 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’2″ – 5’6″ | 157 cm – 168 cm


TORSO LENGTH: 20 in | 51 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’6″ – 5’10” | 168 cm – 178 cm.


TORSO LENGTH: 21.5″ | 55 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’10” – 6’2″ | 178 cm – 188 cm.




• Torso lengths on MLD packs are measured from the bottom of the pack below the waist belt wings to the point where the shoulder straps attach to the pack.
• 95% of MLD packs users do best to go by our height guidelines
• Different pack makers and outdoor stores measure for torso length differently AND frameless pack are measured and fit differently than fully framed packs with large hip belts. DO NOT go to your local outdoor store (REI etc…) and “get pack fitted” and then select a size/length based on that measurement; it will be wrong!
• Use our height guide! If you need help deciding the right size – Please feel free to give us a call. (Please don’t order multiple sizes as a guess!)
• Test Fit You Pack Indoors after Receiving it – We are happy to exchange for different size or refund new/unused packs.

• If In Doubt – SIZE UP!

Q: Why doesn’t the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) version weigh a lot less than the Dyneema X version?
A: The amount of fabric in the main pack body is only about 40% of the total pack weight. Mesh pockets, straps, 3D mesh on straps, shoulder & hip belt strap foam, and hardware accounts for the other 60%. The DCF we use is fairly tough and weighs close to the same as the Dyneema X and so the pack total weight is about the same. We changed a few features but keep most for total function, strength, and comfort.

Q: Is the Light Weight Suspension option available on the DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) Packs?
A: Nope! For loads under 25 lbs suspension is not needed.


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