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Mountain Laurel Designs UL Blog

Welcome to Mountain Laurel Designs UL Blog, where we post gear hacks, how-to’s, gear reviews, and whatever else we think you might want to know about!

MLD Pro SilNylons VS Cheap China Counterfeits

In this video, Ron does a comparison tear test on the 20D and 30D MLD Pro SilNylon versus cheap china counterfeit silnylon used on budget outdoor gear and shelters found on Amazon, Ali Express, etc. Many people ask about sewing quality when buying budget gear, but as...

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The Olight H2R is not only ultralight — weighing in at 2.26 oz \ 64 gm — but with 2300 Lumens, it’s also ultra-bright! Like the H1R, the Olight H2R is rechargeable in the field and is extremely versatile — use it as a headlamp, pocket light, or clip it to a backpack...

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How to Hack Your Mountain Laurel Designs Burn Pack

In this video, How to Hack Your Mountain Laurel Designs Burn Pack, Ron shows you how to shave unneeded ounces.** Technically, you can use these hacks on any of the MLD packs, but the video is directed at the Burn. Using his suggestions, you can take up to 4.5 ounces...

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Mountain Laurel Designs Packs: Comparison & Overview

PART 1: BURN-PROPHET-EXODUS FEATURES OVERVIEW In the following video, Ron, discusses the many pro features of Mountain Laurel Designs packs.PART 2: BURN-PROPHET-EXODUS COMPARISON In Part Two, Ron discusses our three packs – the 38L Burn, the 48L Phrophet, and the 55L...

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How to Hang a Bear Bag: A Quick Guide

The following is the "PCT Bear Bag Hanging Technique," which can be used to get your Pro Bear Bag System up the tree and out f the reach of hungry bears! THE PCT METHOD Find a stick 2 ft – 5 ft long, about 0.5″ diameter. Put a rock or gravel/sand in a rock sack and...

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How to Seam Seal Your Mountain Laurel Designs Tent

Not sure how to seam seal your MLD tent? No worries, just follow our simple instructions! Each of our Silnylon shelters comes with one tube of McNett Sil-Net Seam Sealer. It is STRONGLY recommended you use this supplied seam sealer to seal and strengthen the seams of...

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How to Attach the Mountain Laurel Designs InnerNet

Wondering how to attach the Mountain Laurel Designs InnerNet correctly? It starts with your first pitch. The first time you set up your Innernet with your Pyramid (Mid) or TrailStar will take almost 10-20 minutes. However, after the corner bungee loops are tied and...

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Pitching the Mountain Laurel Designs Pyramid Tent

Pitching the Mountain Laurel Designs pyramid tent is super easy! After a few test pitches, most users can set it in under two minutes on a normal day and under one minute when properly motivated! PREPARATION Cut four 18 in | 46 cm guylines, and tie a 2 in | 5 cm stake...

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Pitching the Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar

Welcome to our guide for pitching the Mountain Laurel Designs Trailstar. The Trailstar is a versatile, ultralight shelter, that can be set-up in various configurations to meet your needs. Here are the two most popular set-ups, as well as some of our favorite...

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