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Extra Space You Didn't Know You Had!
WEIGHT: Gear: 1oz | 33gm || Bottle: 1.3oz | 40gm

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It's the perfect use of extra space you didn't know you had!


Extra Space You Didn’t Know You Had!
WEIGHT: Gear: 1oz | 33gm || Bottle: 1.3oz | 40gm

2023 Ultra X 100 MLD Gray

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had!

FITS almost any pack with a daisy chain on the shoudler strap. Fits many other too! Look at the product pics. Look at your pack straps. YOU can do it!

How do they attach? Easy, that’s how! The included top and bottom Z-clip attaches the pouch to the shoulder strap daisy chain. A velcro strap stabilizes it by wrapping around the shouoder strap.

Weighing in at 1.3oz / 40gm the Bottle Pockets is made of 4 Way Stretch Very Tough Mesh, closes tightly with a stuff sack style bungee top and fits most 12 oz to 32 oz | .35L to 1L water bottles.

Weighing in at 1.1oz | 33gm the Gear Pocket is fully enclosed with a #8YKK water resistant zipper – Large enough for any phone or gps unit. Great for storing snacks, maps books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you might need to access quickly.

Get one for each side and store twice as much stuff ready to deploy!

FEATURES: Shoulder Strap Gear Pocket

• #8 YKK water-resistant zipper – No Small Zippers Here!
• Multiple clip/anchor points to fit a wide range of shoulder strap daisy chains.
• Fit all size Phones + GPS units + Bear Spray

FEATURES: Shoulder Strap Bottle Pocket

• Ultra X 100
• 4 Way Stretch Tough Mesh
• Sized for most 12oz to 32oz | .35L to 1L Water Bottles
• Pictured with 1L Smart Water Bottle.
• Closes Tight Via Stuff Sack Style Top – Holds Almost Anything Securely
• Multiple clip/anchor points to fit a wide range of shoulder strap daisy chains.

MODEL: Shoulder Strap Gear Pocket
WEIGHT:  1oz-28gm
DIMENSIONS: 7″ tall X 4″ wide X 1″ deep  |18m x 10cm X 3cm
COLOR: Stealth Gray

MODEL: Shoulder Strap Bottle Pocket
MATERIAL: DX 210D RipStop / 4 Way Stretch Tough Mesh
WEIGHT: 1.2oz-32gm
DIMENSIONS:  7″ Tall x 11″ Circumference | 18cm Tall x 27cm Circumference
COLOR: Stealth Gray / Black

8 reviews for SHOULDER POCKETS

  1. Ryan Graves (verified owner)

    The water bottle holder worked perfectly with my Arc Blast. The 700 ml Smart Water bottle I used was held snugly against the shoulder strap.

  2. Bryan R (verified owner)

    My son and I both have a pair of bottle pockets attached on our Osprey packs. Perfect for 700ml Smartwater bottles, large mobile phones, cameras, snacks, etc. After a few trips neither of us could imagine not having them.

  3. The_Last_Lebowski (verified owner)

    I purchased both the bottle and gear pocket. They attached super easy, even to my non-MLD pack, and I was even able to remove some of the clips and have them both stay super secure on my straps.
    The gear pocket is the perfect to fit:
    •Black Diamond Spot headlamp, with the headband wrapped around it in the bottom
    •A map wrapped around my compass
    •iPhone6 w/ Pelican case
    Essentially taking the place of my pack lid pocket, which I then removed as this is way more convenient.
    Bottle pocket works as well as the previous reviewers.
    I spent a long time looking around the internet for pockets like this and Im glad I found them with MLD!
    Shipping for the shoulder pockets was also faster than expected!

  4. Bob Gustafson (verified owner)

    I got one of each type pocket for my MLD Burn.

    Shipping was super fast: One week from order to mailbox arrival.

    Workmanship is outstanding. They are just beautiful little things. I will be proud to carry them into the mountains this summer.

    The gear pocket perfectly fits an iPhone WITH a Moment wide angle lens attached!

  5. Stephen Johnston

    This review is focused on using two shoulder pockets, one gear and one bottle, on my 38L DCF Burn. The bottle pocket is great and I find it works best using a 700ml smartwater bottle, as the 1L is a bit tall, but still totally workable. It makes grabbing water so much simpler than having to reach around to a side pocket (which I always have issues with). The gear pocket is a great size, and handle a bunch of stuff, including my Samsung Galaxy S9 plus, which is often a problem with many hip belt pockets due to its length.

    There are a couple of things to note when using these two shoulder pockets:

    1. When you fill both pockets, it caused the shoulder straps to slip outwards (more under my arms), and I found I was rubbing the pockets and should straps with my arms as I was swinging my trekking poles. To resolve this, I had to add the included “Most Awesome Sternum Strap In The World” to my pack. Once this was done, everything worked great, no more rubbing.
    2. It is very challenging to get the shoulder strap end loop back through the buckle, so that it can be unattached to allow you to get the elastic web on the back of the pocket to go around the shoulder strap. I do highly suggest this step, as the alternative allows the pocket to swing too much. I thought that I would have to cut off the end loop of the straps to get them through, however I finally figured out an alternative approach. I added a piece of tape to the sewn strap loop to hold down the extra material and keep it from folding back and preventing the strap passing through the buckle. This allowed me to detach the strap, feed the should strap through the elastic web, and then feed the strap back through the buckle. I did need to use a screwdriver to feed the strap back through, as it was still a very tight fit.

  6. Phil (verified owner)

    Perfect addition to my pack. Wouldn’t go without one now. I added one water bottle pocket to my left shoulder strap and it makes getting a drink so much more convenient on trail. I’ve never gotten the hang of reaching behind me to the side pockets to replace my bottle, so having it on my shoulder strap is revelatory. 1L Smartwater bottle fits perfectly, but does want to slip out if you completely bend over (gravity!). Construction is top notch, and attaching it was easy once I figured out you just have to push hard on the Z buckle to get it to snap into place.

  7. Mark Sandblade (verified owner)

    Very rarely am I 200% satisfied with an outdoor product, but these pockets check all the boxes. First they’re unbelievably well made. Durable materials, lightweight, laser perfect stitching. They’re a work of art. Second they are very well-priced for the quality and function. Fits my phone, a compass and a snack perfectly. Keeps my phone dry. The water bottle pocket is durable and will hold even a 1L Smart water bottle. I love that I can move these from pack to pack and take them off when I don’t need them. I wanted more front storage for my REI Flash 18L daypack. The only thing I could find were $200 ultra running vests. $22 later I have the perfect setup for my dayhikes. Thanks MLD.

  8. Austin McCullough (verified owner)

    Shoulder pocket weighs 1.2oz on my scale even after replacing the giant metal zipper pull with cord. No elastic portion on back of pockets, velcro only, seems like a design refinement has occurred. Still, great construction and holds tons of stuff.

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