TGO Magazine “Innovation Product Of The Year” Award Winner

WEIGHT: 10oz | 280gm

The Award Winning FKT eVENT Bivy is a lighter weight version of the time-tested eVENT Soul Bivy. The FKT eVENT Soul Bivy is about 3oz lighter but maintains the same high-performance 3L eVENT technology of superior breathability.


TGO Magazine “Innovation Product Of The Year” Award Winner
WEIGHT: 10oz | 280gm

The Award Winning FKT eVENT Bivy is a lighter weight version of the time-tested eVENT Soul Bivy. The FKT eVENT Soul Bivy is about 3oz lighter but maintains the same high-performance 3L eVENT technology of superior breathability.

Updated and lighter weight for 2021: Horizontal shoulder to shoulder WR zipper, 20D Gray Pro Silnylon floor and no bug netting.

FKT, or “Fastest Known Time,” is literally the fastest time hikers, bikers, runners, climbers and other endurance athletes have completed a certain trail or distance. The ethos behind FKT is self-reliance and the FKT concept includes personal FKT’s – Your Own Personal Goal. To achieve a personal FKT gear is trimmed to the minimum and knowledge and training become key factors. Movement is calculated to be as efficient as possible regardless of your overall speed or daily mileage.

Whether you are racing, pushing your personal limits or just want to move through nature as efficiently and light as possible, the FKT eVENT Soul Bivy is designed to help you achieve those personal goals.

This ultralight bivy is also perfect for climbers and off road bike racers that need small packed size and light weight.

The FKT eVENT Bivy is made with the lightest 3-Layer eVENT fabric available. The bottom is a 1.3oz sq/yd 20d MLD Pro SilNylon. The FKT bottom is slightly less durable than the heavier 30d Silnyon on the regular Soul Bivy. To save weight, the FKT does not have the wire hoop or bug netting of the regular eVENT Soul Bivy.

Looking for something a little more durable + more features? Try our eVENT Soul Bivy.

The FKT eVENT Bivy, is a true Ultra Lightweight Specialists tool; please read the entire product description and specs before adding to cart.


• 3-Layer eVENT 10d 30,000+ Breathability- The lightest 3-layer eVENT Made!
• 1.35oz 20d Gray Pro SilNylon Floor for good durability. +3,500mm HH
• Mummy shaped with large volume head area to store extra gear
• Packed size is about the size of a 1L Nalgene bottle
• Foot-box fits larger pads and big feet
• Overhead hang loop at face
• Hang loops at all four corners
• Continuous horizontal #3 YKK water-resistant zipper with two dual-sided zipper pulls for vent positioning. Runs from shoulder to shoulder across chest.


• Tube of Seam Sealer

NOTE: Requires user seam sealing! Check out the “Seam Sealing” tab for instructions.


WEIGHT: 10 oz | 270 gm

SHOULDER GIRTH: 72 in | 182 cm
FOOT BOX GIRTH: 55 in | 140 cm

FITS USERS: Up to 6’2″ | 189 cm OR 185 lbs | 84 kg WITH a regular 20″ W x 72″ L pad, no thicker than 1.5 in.


WEIGHT: 11 oz | 300 gm

SHOULDER GIRTH: 82 in | 208 cm
FOOT BOX GIRTH: 68 in | 172 cm

FITS USERS: Up to 6’6″ | 199 cm OR 230 lbs | 104 kg WITH a long (25″ W x 77″ L) pad, no thicker than 2.5 in. OR you move around a LOT or have mild claustrophobia.


If in doubt on size, SIZE UP!

Try out the fit at home for a few minutes after you receive your bivy. Make sure the test area is very clean – no dog hairs please.

NOTE: Used sleeping gear can not be returned. Please do not test it sleeping overnight on your porch. Actual Shipping & Handling charges will not be refunded.

UPPER: Waterproof Breathable 3-layer eVENT
FLOOR: 1.35oz 20d Pro SilNyon WP. +3,500hh


COST: $10

We HIGHLY recommend Zip Care™ Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant be purchased with all our zippered gear.

Each FKTeVent Soul Bivy comes with one tube of McNett Seam Grip Seam Sealer. It is STRONGLY recommended you use this supplied seam sealer to seal and strengthen the seams.

To do this, use towels, or some other soft stuffable cloth to fill out the inside of the bivy to press the seams out nearly flat. You are filling the inside of the bivy and sealing the outside seam. Stuff the bivy fairly tight, so all the seams are not kinked. Keep it stuffed tight as you are filling it. DO NOT stuff it half full and then start cramming it down—Too much pressure will stress the seams.

Once it is stuffed, it is easy to apply a small bead of sealer on all seams. Then use your finger to gently press the small bead of sealer flat onto the seam. DO NOT go back and forth and back and forth with your finger to spread the sealer – it will start to gum up and look bad. Try to do it in one smooth pass of the finger.

Hang the bivy and let dry overnight. A good seal seal job is key for long-term durability and waterproofness.

The following video is of our eVent Rain Mitts being sealed, but the same technique applies.




1: Campsite location can make a huge difference. In bad weather, finding a semi-protected area under a rock overhang, behind a natural windbreak, the base of a large conifer tree or cave can offer a lot more livability.
2: Using a synthetic sleep quilt offers a measure of comfort, warmth, and safety over a down bag in the event you have to enter and exit in rainy conditions or are forced to sleep in wet clothes.
3: Use of a pack liner keeps your gear dry in the pack, and the wet outer pack body + other wet great can be stuffed into the liner for storage inside the bivy as a pillow if needed.
4: No bivy sack, even non-waterproof highly breathable DWR bivys, are 100% condensation free in all conditions. This bivy is one of the best, but taking preventative measures to limit condensation is key. Campsite selection, venting and containing wet gear and clothing inside the bivy are imperative to lowering condensation. In challenging conditions, the overall goal is to be warm and being slightly damp and warm, is far better than wet and cold, or dry and cold.
5: If you expect lots of rain or very bad weather conditions, consider using a small tarp + the FKT bivy for those sleep periods.

For some great use notes and more tips, visit the gear review at Backpacking Light.

• The FKT eVENT Soul Bivy has all the same measurements as the eVENT Soul Bivy.
• The FKT eVENT Soul Bivy uses a lighter DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) (1.0 oz sq/yd vs. 1.4 oz sq/yd) and the FKT does not have a wire hoop.
• The lighter FKT eVENT Soul Bivy is a little less durable then the eVENT Soul Bivy.
• Breathability and functionality are about the same.


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