BURN 38L | 2300 CI

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The FKT Record Setter.

WEIGHT: 16.5oz | 467gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD RANGE: 20 – 25 lb | 9 – 12 kg

The iconic Burn 38L | 2300 CI, is our Original UL Backpack, and although it is often copied, it has never been surpassed.

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The FKT/Thru-Hike Record Setter
WEIGHT: 16.5oz | 467gm
CAPACITY: 38L | 2300 CI
LOAD RANGE: 20 – 25 lb | 9 – 12 kg

The Classic SUL Small Frameless Pack. The Burn 38L is here to help you exceed your long-distance and fast-packing trail goals. Ultralight, ultra-strong, and optimized in every way to make you lighter and faster. Efficiency = Speed.


• 2023 Ultra X 200/100 in Gray. SUPER TOUGH. Fully Seam Taped Inside. The Very Best Pack Fabric Available.
• UltraGrid 200d RipStop in Black Beauty, Red Chili, or Avocado. Works Hard. Good Price.

See our Fabric Mojo info here to help you make a choice.

Many small packs look like the Burn, but none have all the features, the superb comfort, or the many important design and construction details we’ve built into the Burn. Wide and thick S-curved shoulder straps, padded hipbelt wings, superior load compression and stability, multiple lash points, and over 50 heavy-duty sewing bartacks set it apart from stripped-down “spec” packs that weigh only a few ounces less.

“Double thumbs up. Since 2010, I have owned two Burns. Each has at least 8,000 miles on it. I’ve yet to have any tears to the body of either pack.” – CAM HONAN

“The Burn really is an exceptionally well thought out, well made, bomber little pack. And as with all MLD products, the quality and attention to detail are second to none and a strong reminder of why MLD is at the top of cottage-manufactured ultralight gear.” – UL Gear Blog


• 2023 Ultra X version is fully seam taped inside for strength and water resistance. It is not a full dry bag. Stuff sacks or internal pack liners are recommended.
• Roll-top design secures into the integrated side compression straps. This stabilizes the load significantly more vs. only a single over-the-top strap.
• Over-the-top adjustable Y-strap secures and stabilizes loads and provides a secure strapping system to attach items on top of the pack- Think foam pad, a bear can, etc.
• Curved Side Panels: A slight curve from the waist to the shoulders moves the load closer to the upper back for more comfort. This creates a slightly larger main compartment higher in the pack that aids load control and natural hip rotation by moving the heavier or bulkier gear up to reduce shoulder stress.
• Black S-shaped unisex comfort shoulder straps are fully padded 3″ wide X 0.8″ thick. SuperWick mesh lined with full-length highest quality 1/2″ EVA foam padding. Our shoulder straps are thicker and wider than other lightweight packs. The full-length daisy chain accepts Shoulder Strap Pouches and adds durability and strength. See SPECS Tab for more info.
• Side and Rear pockets are solid fabric with mesh drain corners.
• Large padded lightweight UltraGrid 210d Black hip-belt wings with 1″ webbing. Optional removable Hip Pockets can be attached. Hip belt wings are separate from the shoulder strap. Easy to cut off if desired.
• Large, slanted side pockets are deep enough for a 2L Platypus, two 1L SmartWater Bottles, or a 2L soda bottle.
• Top bungee sleeves are also UltraGrid 210d Black for long-term durability vs. cheaper style wrapped tops of uncovered elastic bands. The pocket adjusts by pulling the bungee closed through the cord lock. The Double Bungee cord is 1/8″ thick and rated to -40°. Many lower-priced (and higher-priced!) packs bind over the top of the raw mesh with a regular garment-type elastic that loses its stretch in a few years and does not do well in deep cold weather.
• 12 bungee cord loops if bungee cord lacking/compression is desired.
• Two lower loops for trekking pole and ice axe attachment.
• Removable multi-position “Most Awesome Sternum Strap In The World” with Black Whistle-Lock Buckle 0.5 oz (not included in base pack weight.)
• Over 60 bartacks for strength.

• MEDIUM and LARGE torso Burns have wide 3″ shoulder straps and full-size padded hip belt wings – 29″ minimum hipbelt girth.
• SMALL torso Burns have 2.75″ straps and slightly smaller fully padded hip belt wings. 27″ minimum hipbelt girth.


• 10″ of black 1/8″ bungee cord for optional bungee lacing/compressing/gear strapping
• 2 mini cord clips and 3 cord locks

WEIGHT: 16.5oz | 467gm (Optional external bungee cord and sternum strap not included in base weight.)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 10″ Wide x 6″ Thick x 22″-28″ Tall || 25cm Wide x 15cm Thick x 55-70cm Tall

** The Max recommended for any frameless UL pack. Note: Pack strength is rated for 50 lbs.

WAIST BELT MIN. GIRTH: Small 27″/68cm || Medium + Large 29″/73cm
SHOULDER STRAP WIDTH: Small 2.75″/7cm || Medium + Large 3″/7.75cm
SPACE BETWEEN SHOULDER STRAPS AT NECK: Small 2.75″/7cm || Medium + Large 3″/7.75cm

TOTAL MAX VOLUME: 38L | 2300 CI (Using extension collar.)
TOTAL MIN VOLUME: 19L | 1200 CI (With compression bungees engaged.)
SIDE POCKETS: 2.5L + 2.5L | 150 CI + 150 CI


2023 Ultra 200/100. Available in Gray.
UltraGrid 200d RipStop. Available in Black Beauty, Red Chili, and Avocado.


COST: $18 – 36
WEIGHT: 1 oz (each) | 28 gms (each)

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets, you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had!

Weighing in at 1 oz | 28 gms, the Bottle Pockets are made of a tough 4 Way Stretch Mesh, close tightly with a “stuff sack” styled bungee top, and fit most 12 oz to 32 oz bottles.

Also weighing in at 1oz | 28gms, the Gear Pocket is large enough for any phone or GPS unit and is fully enclosed with a #5 YKK water-resistant zipper. Great for storing snacks, maps, books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you need to access quickly.

Add one, one for each side, or one of each to your pack.

Available in Grey Ultra 200 only. MORE INFO


COST: $18 – 36
WEIGHT: 1.2 oz | 34 gm

Our Hip Belt Pack Pockets give you little extra external pack storage, right where you need it! These super tough, waterproof, zippered pack pockets attach to almost any type of hip-belt, strap, pack daisy chain or pack side compression straps to give you easy to access, secure storage for phones, keys, cameras, and whatever else you want to keep close by.

Available in Grey Ultra X 100 only. MORE INFO


TORSO LENGTH: 18″ | 46 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’2″ – 5’6″ | 157 cm – 168 cm
WAIST BELT MIN. GIRTH: 27″ | 68 cm


TORSO LENGTH: 20″ | 51 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’6″ – 5’10” | 168 cm – 178 cm
WAIST BELT MIN. GIRTH: 29″ | 73 cm


TORSO LENGTH: 21.5″ | 55 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’10” – 6’2″ | 178 cm – 188 cm
WAIST BELT MIN. GIRTH: 29″ | 73 cm

Over 6’2″? See the Exodus in the XL Torso size.


• Torso lengths on MLD packs are measured from the bottom of the pack below the waist belt wings to the point where the shoulder straps attach to the pack.
• 95% of MLD packs users do best to go by our height guidelines.
• Different pack makers and outdoor stores measure torso length differently, AND frameless packs are measured and fit differently than fully framed packs with large hip belts. DO NOT go to your local outdoor store (REI etc…) and “get pack fitted” and then select a size/length based on that measurement; it will be wrong!
• Use our height guide! If you need help deciding the right size – Please feel free to give us a call. (Please don’t order multiple sizes as a guess!)
• Test Fit You Pack Indoors SOON after Receiving it – We are happy to exchange for a different size or refund new/unused packs. See return policy for details.
• If In Doubt – SIZE UP!

14 reviews for BURN 38L | 2300 CI

  1. Lint

    I’ve been carrying MLD packs for many years now. Starting with the Exodus, then the Prophet, and have now used the Burn on 4 thru hikes. After removing the hip belt and sternum strap, I get it down to a sleek 11 ounces. Perfect for my 6.5 pound baseweight. It’s hard to beat the simplicity and efficiency of the Burn, if your kit is light and compact enough to work with it. The craftsmanship is top notch, and I get 2 thru hikes out of a pack before it’s worn out…so about 5000 miles from an 11 ounce pack. Pretty awesome.

    The mesh pockets on either side hold a Smartwater bottle well, and by loosening the shoulder straps slightly I can easily reach them on the go. On the rear of the pack, the large mesh pocket is great for storing odds-n-ends, or shove your wet tarp inside so it can dry as you hike. The top closure system is simple and functional…just what I want in a thru hiking pack. No zippers to break, no “brain” pocket to get in the way, just a couple beefy shoulder straps attached to a rucksack with mesh pockets around the sides. It’s the simplicity that makes this pack shine. I drop a closed cell foam pad (torso length) against the back to provide some cushion and rigidity, then drop in a trash compactor bag (for waterproofing) and fill it with my gear. I’ve carried this pack on the Pacific Crest, Appalachian and Continental Divide Trails, so it’ll take whatever you dish at it. Leaving town with a 4 day resupply and 5 liters of water is possible, although you may appreciate the hip belt for loads that heavy!

    If you’re not sure all your gear will fit into the Burn, perhaps try the Prophet, since it’s also a fantastic pack. But if you have a very low base weight and wanna experience the elation of cruising down the trail with what looks like a child’s pack on your back, get the Burn.

  2. martinlizo

    I used this backpack during a 500km hike in Patagonia (Argentina) and I’m really gratefull. I fell in love with the frameless concept too. I cut off the waist belt and removed all cords. As a result I felt abosulte freedom: I could walk in the mountains like in a park. This backpack is super ultra light and it’s tough. I passed through barberd wire and the pack was untouched: not a single hole, the mesh pockets are intact (not the same story for my other backpacks). It has all the space that I need and more. I put my sleeping bag loose inside of a cheap liner, and I even had enough space for two weeks food inside. My base weight is at 5.7lbs/2.6kg. It was super confortable and I could reach my water bottles while wearing it. I’ll use it for the GPT (Chile) in December. This is my favourite backpack and I plan to use it for the next ten years. Thanks to MLD. Cheers from Argentina!

  3. fiddleheadpa

    Got the Burn before my Via Dinarica hike last summer. I love it. Strong and durable. I’ve now hiked in 8 different countries with it and it looks like the day I received it. I did strip it down a bit and my only thing I can think of to make it better would be a slightly bigger rear mesh pocket. The sides are fine and I get 2 – 600ml water bottles in each one. Mine has now been to 5 countries in Europe, Tasmania (Walls of Jerusalem) , Vietnam (Fansipan) and Taiwan (Wuling Sixiu) and Thailand.

  4. Salty (verified owner)

    Another bad azz product from MLD! Ordered a Burn Pack and can’t say enough about it! Just did TRT in lil over 8 days, even with long water carries this pack was comfortable up to above 25lbs with the (New in 2018) beefier shoulder straps! Had Prophet Pack previously but found was way more space than I needed. I also have the DCF/Cuben DuoMid which is the cats arse!

  5. bg26892 (verified owner)

    If you are looking for a frameless pack – this is THE ONE. I used this bag for the entire PCT this year and was impressed by the quality, craftsmanship, and overall durability. One area that stood out the most was how durable and comfortable the shoulder straps were – the foam and stitching held up well after over 2500 miles. My one complaint is that the mesh seemed somewhat prone to tears – but this can easily be rememedied with a needle/thread. (MLD NOTE: 2019 Side Pockets are now all Dyneema X!) FWIW – along the trail I spoke with a two experienced MYOG hikers who both mentioned that they used the BURN measurements/design as reference when making their packs.

  6. Nicolas (verified owner)

    Just received mine. This December 2018 model seems great. Can’t wait to test it.

  7. Cloudsurfer

    I just wanted to share how much I LOVE my MLD burn. So far I’ve used it for a thru-hike of The West Highland Way and the Arizona Trail, and recently I took it to the Peruvian Andes on the Huayhuash Circuit and Santa Cruz Trek. I’m rocking between a 6-7.5 pound base weight and usually hovering around 20 pounds with food and water. It is oh so comfortable, simple, and durable. I have 1,200 miles on it so far and it still has little sign of wear. It’s a 2017 model.

  8. Andy

    My favorite pack!! From day hikes to thru hikes this thing ROCKS. The simplicity is amazing. Everything you need and nothing that you don’t.

  9. Kim Vogel (verified owner)

    Ron at MLD provides fantastic customer support. I noticed that I had lost my sternum strap buckle, one week before my month long backpacking trip. I emailed Ron on a Saturday night, got a response from him first thing Monday morning saying the buckle was in the mail. I got it Wednesday afternoon, three days before I needed to leave for my trip. This is fantastic customer support, solidifying me as a life long customer.

  10. Nick Withers (verified owner)

    After thinking about going ultralight following some time on the pct I decided to go with this pack. I am so happy I did and this is one impressive pack. I was scared that it wouldn’t have enough volume but with this pack of there’s a will there’s a way. The extension collar adds so much possibility for long hauls the Y strap works wonders. It’s durable and carries amazing, it really molds to your back. The thicker shoulder pads also provide insane comfort. You do have to be careful how to pack it but with a sleeping pad as the frame it works well. It held 8 days of food for me in Hokkaido and worked perfectly in very harsh alpine conditions. I have never lacked anything with this pack. It doesn’t have load lifters but I have not needed them. If you are on the fence about buying it, know if you need to haul a heavy pack this is not for you. That being said i have put 30 lbs in this pack and have been fine. If you are thinking of going ultralight and want versatility I highly recommend this pack. I would have no problems through hiking again with this pack. Thank you MLD for the amazing quality at an affordable price point. I will be looking forward to future products!

  11. Patrick (verified owner)

    Only have about 200 miles on mine but I have to say that MLD shoulder straps are the plushest ones I’ve used.

    Ordered mine in gridstop DX210d. I have packs from LiteAF, Zimmerbuilt, Yar.gear, and HMG. The Burn is built like a beast compared to any other pack in this volume. I’m sure I’ll be getting many many more miles of use out of it.

  12. Martín Lizondo

    The Burn pack was my introduction to frameless backpacking. I bought the large gridstop version in 2017 and quickly became a fan of it. I used it all along the Greater Patagonian Trail as well as in other 4 long distance hikes in Patagonia from 2017 to 2022. After 4000+ km of use, it’s finally time to replace it. It lasted very long, ending with a few holes in the back and in the main mesh pocket (old version), which is normal due to the long term heavy use. I strongly recommend this pack design, very light, strong and minimalist. Thanks, Ron for the inspiration. Cheers from Argentina!

  13. Naomi Brown (verified owner)

    Took this item to RMNP. There was for me a learning curve as I was accustomed to a
    Pack where there was minimal customization. After watching YouTube videos, I figured it out.
    After getting used to it I like it and appreciate the minimal structure. Strapped my 475 bear vault on top; swapped for a quilt. Everything fit inside. Am a female, 5’5”, 118 lbs.

  14. setmyheartablaze1

    This pack is phenomenal. I ordered mine in March 2021, finally got to use it fully on the CT in ’22. Loved every second of it. The fit and comfort is amazing. Quality is superb. I love this thing. Have owned Osprey, Zpack, HMG, GG, and nothing compares.

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