PROPHET 48L | 2900 CI

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Let it Guide You.
WEIGHT: 17oz | 482gm
CAPACITY: 48L | 2900 CI
LOAD RANGE: 18 – 25 lb | 8 – 12 kg

The Prophet 48L | 2900 CI pack is sized for modern ultralight and super ultralight backpacking. It is also an exceptional alpine attack style climbing pack.

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PROPHET 48L | 2900 CI

Let it Guide You.
WEIGHT: 17oz | 482gm
CAPACITY: 48L | 2900 CI
LOAD RANGE: 18 – 25 lb | 8 – 12 kg

SIZE NOTE: MED and LG Prophet have have wide 3″ shoulder straps and full size padded hip belt wings- 29″ minimum girth. Small Burns have 2.75″ straps and slightly smaller fully padded hip belt wings. 27″ minimum girth.

2022 Design Change: Stronger and more abrasion resistant. The rear main pocket is now solid matching fabric with lower corner drain mesh like the side pockets. Not shown in current pictures.

The Prophet 48L | 2900 CI pack is sized for modern ultralight and super ultralight backpacking. It is also an exceptional alpine attack style climbing pack.

With one of the most supportive and cushioned hip-belts in any sub 16 oz frameless pack, S-shaped unisex comfort shoulder straps, and our new curved side panels, this is a pack you can wear all day in comfort.

Let the Prophet guide you on your next big adventure.

Award: Best Frameless Pack
“Our writers and editors own multiple frameless packs and we think the Mountain Laurel Designs (MLD) Prophet is our favorite frameless pack. It weighs about a pound, is very well made, customizable, and has perfect volume for multi-day, lightweight adventures.”– 2019 Treeline Review

“The Mountain Laurel Designs Prophet is a featherweight frameless backpack designed for experienced ultralight travelers and thru-hikers. This pack is simple and strong, keeping weight to an absolute minimum for those looking to crush miles.” – 1 of the 10 Best Lightweight Backpacks of 2019 –

NOTE: Hip belt pockets, shoulder strap pockets, and pack lids are available in Stealth Grey ONLY – regardless of pack color.


• Curved Side Panels: A slight curve from the waist to the shoulders moves the load closer to the upper back for more comfort. This also creates a slightly larger main compartment higher in the pack that helps load control by moving the heavier and higher packed gear higher to reduces shoulder stress.
• S-shaped unisex, ergonomically designed comfort shoulder straps are 3″ wide and SuperWick mesh lined with full-length foam padding. These are the comfiest straps on any UL pack! These very comfortable shoulder straps and are super tough. Size Small 2.5″ wide.
• Shoulder straps have full-length Daisy Chains to mount water bottle and gear pouches.
• One of the most supportive and cushioned hip-belts in any sub 16 oz frameless pack. Padded SuperWick Mesh lined waist belt hip-belt wings with 1″ webbing and buckle. Adjusts from about 28″ to 45.”
• Hybrid Mesh/DX 210D Ripstop Side and Rear Pockets. The leading edge of the side pockets are DX 210D Ripstop to prevent snagging when moving through the bush. The lower 5″ of the rear pocket is DX 210D Ripstop to prevent abrasion from sharp contents or butt sliding accidents. The 4 oz sq/yd open hole non-stretch drains fast to allow contents to dry faster than a tight stretch mesh or solid fabric. DX 210D Ripstop elastic top sleeves for long term Durability and elastic replacement.
• Slanted side mesh pockets are deep enough for a 2 L Platy. Pocket top bungee sleeves of DX 210D Ripstop for long term durability. Pocket adjusts by pulling the bungee closed through the cord lock. Many lower priced packs simply bind over the top of the raw mesh with regular garment type elastic that loses it’s stretch in a few years and does stretch in deep cold weather.
• Dual ice axe/trek pole loops.
• Internal hang clip loops for optional storage or hydro pouch inside of pack.
• Main pack area is large enough for a solo bear canister vertical or horizontal depending on how you pack your sleep pad.
• Removable Multi-position “Most Awesome Sternum Strap In The World” with Black Whistle-lock Buckle 0.5 oz (not included in base pack weight)
• Side V compression straps with full strength buckles.
• Dry Bag roll top closure with V top compression strap.
• Long shoulder straps terminate in hand/finger rest loops.


• 10″ of black 1/8″ bungee cord
• 2 mini cord clips and 3 cord locks

NOTE: Extra Small Custom Order Only. Non Returnable!

WEIGHT: 17oz | 482gm (External bungee and sternum strap not include in base weight)
EXTERNAL DIMENSIONS: 12″ Wide x 7″ Thick x 30″ High|| 30 cm Wide x 18 cm Thick x 75 cm High
MAX LOAD RATING: Strong enough for 50 + lbs but 25 lbs| 11.33 (Max recommended for a frameless pack to be all day comfortable.)

TOTAL MAX VOLUME: 48L | 2900 CI (using extension collar)
TOTAL MIN VOLUME: 19.6L | 1200 CI (with compression and bottom volume reduction system engaged)
SIDE POCKETS: 2.5L + 2.5L | 150 CI + 150 CI

MATERIAL: DDX 210d RipStop Fabric: 210D Coated Nylon Ripstop with a 210D Pure UHMWPE Reinforcement Grid, Plus a Second Diagonal Reinforcement Grid of Nylon for added Abrasion Resistance


COST: $18-36
WEIGHT: 1 oz (each) | 28 gms (each)

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets, you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had! Weighing in at 1oz | 28 gms, the Bottle Pockets is made of 4 Way Stretch Tough Mesh, closes tightly with a stuff sack style bungee top and fits most 12 oz to 32 oz. Also weighing in at 1oz | 28gms, the Gear Pocket is fully enclosed with a #5YKK water resistant zipper – Large enough for any phone or gps unit. Great for storing snacks, maps books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you might need to access quickly. Add one, one for each side, or one of each to your pack. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO


COST: $18-32
WEIGHT: 0.999 oz | 28.32117 gm

Our Hip Belt Pack Pockets give you little extra external pack storage, right where you need it! These super tough, waterproof, zippered pack pockets attach to almost any type of hip-belt, strap, pack daisy chain or pack side compression straps to give you easy to access, secure storage for phones, keys, cameras, and whatever else you want to keep close by. Available in Stealth Grey only. MORE INFO







TORSO LENGTH: 18 in | 46 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’2″ – 5’6″ | 157 cm – 168 cm


TORSO LENGTH: 20 in | 51 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’6″ – 5’10” | 168 cm – 178 cm.


TORSO LENGTH: 21.5″ | 55 cm
FITS: Approx. 5’10” – 6’2″ | 178 cm – 188 cm.

XL: If you are over 6’2″- Get the XL Torso Exodus pack.


• Torso lengths on MLD packs are measured from the bottom of the pack below the waist belt wings to the point where the shoulder straps attach to the pack.
• 95% of MLD packs users do best to go by our height guidelines
• Different pack makers and outdoor stores measure for torso length differently AND frameless pack are measured and fit differently than fully framed packs with large hip belts. DO NOT go to your local outdoor store (REI etc…) and “get pack fitted” and then select a size/length based on that measurement; it will be wrong!
• Use our height guide! If you need help deciding the right size – Please feel free to give us a call. (Please don’t order multiple sizes as a guess!)
• Test Fit You Pack Indoors after Receiving it – We are happy to exchange for different size or refund new/unused packs.
• If In Doubt – SIZE UP!

11 reviews for PROPHET 48L | 2900 CI

  1. Richard Moran

    After staring at my new prophet for a few months I finally got a few days on trail with it….I’m amazed how comfortable this pack is! I’m around 10lb base wt with my pups winter gear. We just did the 55 mile section from Rockfish gap to US60 in just over two days. My lg xtherm makes a great frame and rides like a pillow against my back. I’d say with food and 1.5l of water I was around 20lbs……amazing pack!

  2. Dave Vaughan (verified owner)

    I cannot fault this pack. I wanted to move to a frameless pack for a while and finally ordered mine last year, delivery was spot on the lead time advised on the website.

    Comfort wise, its is incredible. I have used with a section of pad in the back and without. To be honest, it sits on my back so well I hardly notice it’s there. I’ve averaged around the 16lb for my winter walks/camps. The hipbelt transfers weight very well and the padding on the belt and shoulders is brilliant.

    I went with the Wasabi Green and am glad I did. The material sheds rain well and seems to be very abrasion resistant.

    The external pockets are superb, I am able to fit everything I need during the day in them meaning I dont have to open the main pack until camp. The shock cord on the side pockets is a really good idea and secures them very well.

  3. Matt McGlothlin (verified owner)

    Let me start off by saying that I could not be happier with my purchase. I ordered this pack and patiently waited exactly twelve weeks and it was definitely worth the wait. I have taken it out on a couple of shake down hike most recently to Grayson Highlands this past weekend and I am amazed at the comfort and build quality. This is my first frameless pack and was worried about how it would carry, but after the first couple miles all my worries went away. If packed correctly and as long as your base weight is in check, this pack carries like a dream. I started off this past weekend with about 15 lbs. total weight and quickly added in another pound and half of base layers that I took off. At the ended of the day I filled up another two liter water bladder and hiked about three quarters of a mile to my camp site for the night without any noticeable difference in the way the pack felt or carried. I am extremely pleased with this pack and would recommend it to any experienced backpacker looking to move into a frameless backpack.

    I have a feeling that this will be my pack for my up and coming Thru Hike of the AT.

    Thanks again for building such a great product!!!


  4. Lauren

    I snagged this pack brand new from someone selling it who decided it didn’t fit right. I was transitioning to a frameless pack and after entirely too much research, I decided that the Prophet would likely be my go-to for 3-season backpacking.

    I am *thrilled* with this pack. As a woman, my first concern with a unisex pack is always how the shoulder straps are going to fit around the bust. This pack exceeded my expectations with zero issues! I average ~8lb base weight and have taken it up to 18 with food and water. This pack carries like a dream and is hardly noticeable unlike my previous pack with a trampoline suspension. I was able to not only hike extensively uphill on very steep terrain with noticing it much, but hands-and-knees crawling over boulders and scree fields were no big deal either, as this pack just became an extension of my body.

    I was nervous about how I would adjust to the incredibly sweaty back as compared to my previous pack, but I didn’t even notice that I was sweaty until I took my pack off. There is definitely more sweat than with a trampoline suspension, but I’d take this pack over my precious one every time.

    Overall, I’m thrilled with this pack and would highly recommend it to women looking for a good fit, anyone transitioning to frameless, or anyone just looking for an awesome, versatile, and comfortable pack!

  5. Nathan Rieck

    I bought a MLD Prophet used and took it out for my last training hike before setting out on the PCT this year. I loved it so much that I ended up taking it with me for the first 700 miles that I did. (I got off after about 800). It really is an amazing pack. It has the features that you want while not having anything useless to add weight to the pack. I used a foam sit pad as the back panel and that worked very well. The pack carried comfortably and carried very well. I overloaded it a handful of times when I was coming out of town with a full resupply and big water carry and it still performed beyond my expectations. For the amount of miles I put on my pack this year it is holding up very well. I’m already planning out my next hikes and there’s no question what pack I’m taking. I have several others to choose from but since getting this pack it has been my go too for any overnight or longer trip. It holds everything I could ever possibly need to carry. I think this sized pack is very practical for a wide variety of trips. Leaving towns with chips and a full food bag the pack would be nearly full. On the way into a resupply I would have the pack rolled down as far as I could and it was the perfect size for my gear. Originally I wished the back pocket was made from a stretchy material but after using it for a bit I realized that it held everything I needed and wasn’t a deal breaker. Later on I learned to appreciate it because some people’s packs started to get holes and wear out while the mesh on my prophet looks brand new. There isn’t any damage. Some normal wear but otherwise I have been extremely happy with how the pack has held up. Planning on taking it back out on the PCT with me in two years when I go for a full thruhike. I’m sure it will last that whole hike.

  6. Tom Holtzen (verified owner)

    The MLD Prophet 2019 version was my first frameless pack. I bought it for a trip to Philmont. The pack performed great. I used my deflated Neoair Xtherm sleeping pad folded up as a back pad. It was very comfortable. I had a 9lb base weight, so even with crew gear and a few required extras, like dedicated sleeping clothes, the pack was never over 20lbs. It handled very well at heavier weights, although I noticed the weight on my shoulders more. The construction is top-notch. The pack is very durable. I found that if I packed it tight, I could loosen the shoulder straps a bit and transfer some weight to my hips. The only downside is that I find it difficult to reach a water bottle in the side pockets without taking off the pack or sliding it sideways. Since Philmont, I continue to use the MLD Prophet mainly for weekly day hikes and occasional multi-day treks. I am very happy with my purchase and am considering getting an MLD Burn for day hikes and overnight hikes.

  7. Kurt Roth (verified owner)

    Just got my pack. It is very well made and thought out. I loaded it with my gear and it is super comfortable.

  8. Kurt Roth (verified owner)

    This thing rides like a dream. Carried 22lbs with food/water and it handled it great. Such a well thought out pack.

  9. Murali Chinnakonda

    Love my MLD Prophet. I took it to the SHR this summer (2021). It was awesome. No shoulder issues. Carried fantastically. I had around 25 lbs on my second leg from Bishop to Red Meadows. No issues whatsover which surprised me. I was expecting sore shoulders – had none at the end of the day. In the 15 days I was on the trail (long 10 hour, 12 hour days), I did not wear the hip belt often – perhaps for a total of 5 hours during the entire trip. No sternum strap as well. It held up great against abrasion against talus and butt sliding on big talus. My pants showed signs of abrasion and tears – not the Wasabi green Prophet. I love this pack. The shoulder straps are awesome!

  10. jan laytham (verified owner)

    Just used my MLD Prophet on a thru hike of the Northville-Placid Trail. The original pack I ordered was too short and Ron made it really easy to exchange it for a medium. I packed the Prophet to capacity (including bear cannister) and it worked great! It held up to a very closed in trail with no tears or abrasions. I also fell in water twice and nothing got wet aside from what I was carrying in the outside pockets. My only adjustment for the next hike will be the purchase of a water bottle holder, as it was difficult for me to reach the side pocket with the pack on. Overall, I absolutely love the pack!

  11. Chris Smith (verified owner)

    Excellent frameless pack. I bought mine last year and have now used it on a 1000 mile hike from one end of the UK to the other. It was very comfortable and all my stuff fitted inside perfectly. It managed to survive a lot of scapes on rocks and was also pretty good at dealing with the rain. There was a small amount of water got inside on the wettest days, but with dry bags inside nothing actually got wet. Tough, light, comfortble, roomy – what more could you want from a pack?

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