CORE 25L | 1500 CI

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CORE 25L | 1500 CI

The Keep It Simple Pack
WEIGHT: 7.5 oz | 189 gm
LOAD RANGE: 15 – 20 lbs | 7 – 9 kg

Sometimes even bigger trips are all about the simplicity. The Core Pack was designed for those trips! The Core is perfect for overnights, SUL weekends, climbing, running, skiing, hiking, or cycling, summits, alpine attacks, or as a travel carry-on pack.

The Keep It Simple Pack

WEIGHT: 7.5 oz | 189 gm
LOAD RANGE: 15 – 20 lbs | 7 – 9 kg

Sometimes even “Litte Big Trips” are all about Simplicity. The Core 25L | 1500 CI Pack was designed for those trips! The Core is perfect for overnights, SUL weekends, climbing, running, skiing, hiking, bikepacking, summits, alpine attacks, or as a travel carry-on pack. Whether you’re trimming your pack weight or cutting the total number of items carried to a minimum, this pack will increase your SUL Experience. NEW 2022/23: UltraGrid 210d Fabric!

At first glance, it looks like any other small streamlined pack but look closer, and many details emerge. The curved ergonomic-shaped shoulder straps are set into the pack at proper shoulder cant angles. Built with high-quality, strong, lightweight hardware. Dual-side daisy chains serve as the roll-top strap buckle.

• Challenge 2023 UltraGrid Fabric in Black Beauty
• 80% Recycled Nylon + 20% Double RipStop 200d UHMWPE
• 2X stronger than older single strand Dyneema, Spectra, Robic Gridstop.
• More abrasion resistant than older 210d ripstop Nylon/Poly.
• 1500mm PU Coating
• Non Toxic C0 DWR Coating (No “Forever” Chemicals)
• Looks Awesome

NOTE: Size Reference: Model is 6’1″/185cm, 185lbs/84kg


• NEW 2023 Challenge UltraGrid
• 2.5″ EVA foam padded shoulder straps are .7″ thick.
• Side strap bungee web loops: string bungee, secure foam pad to back, attach horizontal compression bungee, etc.
• The bottom of the pack is folded up .75″ to get the mesh off the ground and extend durability.
• Roll-top with a center snap.
• 1″ removable webbing hipbelt.
• 30+ Bartacks for strength. All seams are double-sewn or more.
• Rolled-up and compressed size is about 1L for packing as a summit pack or travel/carry-on day pack.


• 1″ removable webbing hipbelt +1.5oz / 38gm
• 3/4″ Most Awesome Sternum Strap w/ whistle. +.6oz / 15gm
• 10ft / 3m of 1/8” black bungee cord and cordlock +.1.2oz / 30gm

WEIGHT: 7.5 oz | 189 gm
CAPACITY: 25 L | 1500 Ci
DIMENSIONS: 10″ x 6″ x 26″ | 26 cm x 15 cm x 66 cm

COLOR: Beauty Black


COST: $18 / Each
WEIGHT: 1.2 oz | 30 gm

Hip pockets fit on the 1″ removable included hip web belt. Hip belt pockets are available in Grey Ultra 200 only. MORE INFO.


COST: $6
WEIGHT: 0.7 oz | 22 gm

Add an extra 10ft / 3m of 1/8″ bungee cord and a cordlock to your purchase. Available in lime green, purple, red, BW speckled, and black. NOTE: A black bungee cord kit comes FREE with the pack; other colors are sold as an option only. MORE INFO.


COST: $18 / Each
WEIGHT: 1 oz (each) | 28 gms (each)

With our Shoulder Strap Pockets, you can easily add small gear and water bottle storage to your pack straps to keep it super handy. It’s the perfect use of extra space you didn’t know you had!

Weighing in at 1 oz | 28 gms, the Bottle Pockets are made of a tough 4 Way Stretch Mesh, close tightly with a “stuff sack” styled bungee top, and fit most 12 oz to 32 oz bottles.

Also weighing in at 1 oz | 28 gms, the Gear Pocket is large enough for any phone or GPS unit and is fully enclosed with a #5 YKK water-resistant zipper. Great for storing snacks, maps, books, keys, water filtration drops, toilet paper, or anything else you need to access quickly.

Add one, one for each side, or one of each to your pack.

Available in Grey Ultra 200 only. MORE INFO.


TORSO LENGTH: 19 in | 48 cm
FITS WELL: Approx. 5’6″ to 6’2″ | 167 – 187 cm. (Plus or Minus 1 – 2 more inches in range is OK too.)

Frameless pack torso length is the actual measurement from the full bottom of the pack, up the middle, to the shoulder strap seam. Is it usually 2″ to 4″ taller than a traditional measure for a framed pack. Torso length in a soft, frameless day pack is variable as there is no large, padded hip belt. A soft pack torso length is different from a measure at a local outdoor store/REI for a larger framed pack.

6 reviews for CORE 25L | 1500 CI

  1. Keith Mark Johnson (verified owner)

    I’ve been climbing and backpacking in the Cascades since 1977. During all those years I’ve gone through a lot of terrific gear. These days, (being old) I rarely get excited over something new and shiny since, after all, gear is just a means to enjoy the glory of the wild places. My new Core 28L came this weekend and I can’t stop smiling. I loaded it up with my new SUL kit….(or am I UL). Six pounds before food. I took it on a 6 mile mountain hike and job near Mt. Baker today. The pack fits me like a glove, is incredibly well made, and easy to adjust to whatever I have inside. This is one of those products where I’ll actually be telling people on the trail to head home and get one. An amazing value. Now I have to convince my wife she needs one bad as I did.

  2. Willem le Roux (verified owner)

    I used the Core 28L for a 8 day, 120km (Food for 4 days as there was a resupply on day 4) Naucluft hike in Namibia. 5.2 kg without water. I used two shoulder pockets for water and gear as well, which work very well. Here I fit a 500ml water bottle and in the gear pocket small items like headlamp, small knife, nail clipper and water purification drops.
    I was very impressed with the fit and quality of the pack, no problems whatsoever. Best and lightest backpack ever. As a frame less pack I expect no ventilation resulting in a very wet back but surprisingly it was not bad at all. Very comfortable to walk with for hours on end. Not big enough for a tent, I suppose I will need the Burn 38L as well :).

  3. Ted Case

    My fiancé gave me this pack for Christmas last year. I’ve used it many times as a day pack and a few times as an over-night pack. Most day packs that I see are way too small to carry enough to be ok the next morning if one had to spend an unexpected night out. This pack has plenty of room to carry more than just survival gear. It’s definitely a four season day pack. I added two water bottle pockets on the shoulder straps and two hip pockets on the belt. I use 700mm bottles and they ride well. Keeping my water filter kit in a belt pocket makes it easy to replenish frequently. And there is plenty of room for maps, compass, altimeter and GPS also. In the other pocket I carry lunch and snacks. I’ve carried over 30 lbs. but don’t recommend that, 15-20 as they suggest is really good. I’ve gone on several one night trips with 13-17 lbs (varies with food and clothing selection) and the pack rides very well. This is my first experience with frameless packs that could keep me comfortable over night and I’m really impressed. Both design and construction are superb. I especially like the wasabi green, it’s a unique color and it’s visible. Visibility is important to me since nearly all my hiking is alone; if something happens, I want to be easily seen by rescuers. The only thing mentioned in Keith’s and Willem’s reviews that I disagree with is that Willem said this pack isn’t big enough for a tent. If you’re thinking of a normal tent, I agree. But if you’re thinking of UL, OK. I have a 4oz shaped tarp that goes with me on every hike unless I’m taking my 13 oz tent. Willem’s observation about a wet back, right on. Additionally, I’ve noticed that I have better evaporation with a fuller pack. Service is exemplary! And I was able to talk with the owner: How often can you do that!

  4. Deborah Weizenegger (verified owner)

    I bought the medium CORE 25L backpack that worked out smashingly for me on the 500 mile Camino de Santiago pilgrimage walk I completed this week.

    The pack was one of the best I saw with it’s narrow design and minimal gee gaws attached. So light weight yet strong and able to be packed tight for this 6 week trek. I added the water bottle holder to the front left strap near my upper arm. Got comments on how much sense that made as bottle was readily accessible yet left my arms free to move. My total pack weight was 12 lbs. This was perfect for staying within the recommendation of carrying no more than 10% of ones body weight on the Camino. Note: as I was staying in hostels, I only needed sleeping bag – no tent, cooking gear or food besides snacks making the CORE 25L a perfect choice.

  5. Anton Marsden (verified owner)

    I used the 28L Core on a 3-day fastpacking mission recently. It was filled to the brim with gear, including a 3-season sleeping bag and tent. The narrow design markedly reduces gear movement while on the go, and felt very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Thoughtful packing of gear does improve both comfort and space efficiency. I have installed the optional bottle pouches and waist belt pockets, which were useful for small items such as a camera or food. A few minor annoyances are:
    – the bottle pouches are designed for small bottles, limiting external water-carrying capacity and bottle selection
    – opening/closing the pack is slow compared to a zip – the inefficiency was noticed during the day when accessing larger items
    – the waist pockets can potentially slip off when the strap is unclipped – be careful!

    Overall, it’s a great minimalist pack if used within its limits, and I recommend it for ultra-light weekend and fastpacking missions.

    ( MLD NOTE: We now offer the HELL 27 pack. About the size of the slightly lighter and much lower cost 25L CORE with external mesh storage. Waistbelt pockets can be clipped to the hipbelt strap with the supplied Z clip securely.)

  6. Kurt Roth (verified owner)

    Great pack! I have used it as a day hiking pack and it is very comfortable. It seems to hug my back. New to MLD products but everything I have now is a great product.

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