All sewn gear is warranted for 1 Year for manufacturing and material defects. We want to fix those rare problems quickly and will pay for the return postage. Depending on the nature of the problem, we may repair, replace, or refund warranty returns. Small issues usually get repaired; refunds are rare. Ultralight gear requires reasonable care and treatment on the trail. We do not warranty user damage or porcupine attacks.

We understand that occasionally you are earnest in your choice and excited about your new gear, but on receipt, find it’s just not for you. That’s okay, and we understand that.

We want to be fair, but we also need to limit returns of unopened packages hastily shipped back after drunken 3 am retail therapy sessions, forgotten gear found in exploding gear closets, and of packages that weren’t even opened for six weeks after delivery. You’d be surprised how often these things happen! These type of returns increase the price for all customers.

In the online retail world, returns can run as high as 40% of sales; that adds about 20% to the cost you pay up front for those items. Our return rate is much lower and is in line with other small gear companies, but returns do add upfront cost to all gear. Major multiple item returns can add up to over $50 of shop time to inspect and process the return!

Please read the entire product description and, if new to this type gear, check out any review links on the product pages, before purchasing. If you are not sure about a product email or call us, we’d love to help you figure out what you need, before you make a purchase!

If you have ordered something, and discovered it just wasn’t for you, or the size is wrong, review our return policy and exchange policies below.

We will happily make a size exchange within 30 days from delivery. We are always excited to help with size exchanges! For an exchange, the product MUST be returned to us 100% New and Unused, so please test and inspect your new gear at home first, and not on the trail. If you are unsure about the fit, call us! If you need a different size, send it back, and we will pay the postage to send you the size you really need.

STOCK STANDARD ITEMS: You may return your “100% New & Unused” product for a refund within 15 days from the date of delivery In order for us to issue a refund, the item must be in new & unused condition, and must be 100% clean! When returning a product, you are expected to pay return postage. The original shipping cost is not refunded and may be slightly higher than the low shipping fee you were originally charged.

CUSTOM GEAR: Custom Gear is Not Returnable!! Please read the complete product descriptions to know if what you are ordering is considered stock standard, or custom!

EXCEPTIONS: There may be exceptions. They are rare. Contact us first.

Q: What is “100% New and Unused”?

A: New & Unused means you tried it at home, and maybe walked around the block to test fit. It means you set the Mid up in your yard, but are very sure the dog didn’t pee on it. It means it never went on the trail and does not smell like smoke, beer, or skunk. For bivys and quilts try it on top of a clean bed, there are too many dog hairs, and dust bunnies on the floor! For shelters, pick a spot in the yard that is dry, where the grass/leaves/weeds, etc. are not too tall.


We are happy to do damage repairs when possible and will only charge the actual shop time required for the repair. Repairs are charged at $50 / hour. Please, only send in clean gear for repair! If we have to clean the gear before repair, it may be expensive!

Example Repair Cost: A zipper pull replacement on a Bivy or Mid would be $20 + return shipping.