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Minimalist. Super Ultralight.
WEIGHT: 10.6 oz – 12.6 oz | 300 gm – 357 gm
LOW TEMP RATING: 40 to 50 F | 5 to 10 C

Meet the Vision Quilt, the minimalist features version of the MLD Spirit 48 Quilt. This simple Super Ultralight backcountry quilt is built for moving fast with minimal feature fuss.



Minimalist. Super Ultralight.
WEIGHT: 10.6 oz – 12.6 oz | 300 gm – 357 gm
LOW TEMP RATING: 40 to 50 F | 5 to 10 C

Meet the Vision Quilt, the minimalist features version of the MLD Spirit 48 Quilt.

This simple Super Ultralight backcountry quilt is built for moving fast with minimal feature fuss. It can be used as a layer over a light tapered mummy bag to add about 15F degrees to the sleep system. The Vision Quilt is the perfect Summer/2+ season speed hiking system; you can use it over your mummy bag for the first month on the AT then use it alone for the warmer, wetter 3rd/4th months.

No Drawstrings, No Zippers, No Velcro. All you need when going for your personal FKT.

IMAGE NOTES: The model in the product images is 6’2″ / 180 lbs and is using the LARGE quilt. As you can see, this quilt is not a tight-cut coffin to make the weight specs look good, there’s plenty of length for a few more inches! Look at all that extra girth over the whole length! WOW!

The Vision Quilt, is a true Ultra Lightweight Specialists tool; if you are new to backcountry sleep quilt systems and their use, please read the entire product description and specs before adding to cart.

Check out our APEX Balaclava, it pairs perfectly with our quilts!


• Highest Quality 10d MLD Mountain 3XDWR fabric
• 2oz sq/yd Climashield Apex Insulation
• Yellow Inside For Happy Day!
• Black Outside For Fast Drying and Stealth
• Closed Sewn Foot Box
• Tapered at Shoulder
• Snaps at Neck
• 20D ProSilNylon Stuff Sack (0.4oz | 12 gm)
• Two Hang Loops at Head Corners for Drying
• Sized Loosely for a Wide Temp Comfort Range and Layering Options.


We hesitate to offer exact temperature comfort ranges, as there are so many variables. The following temperature ranges assume users understand standard UL clothing, shelter, campsite selection, and UL quilt sleeping strategies. With multiple years of testing and extensive customer feedback from many many users – we feel these ratings are a good general guide to your comfort level.

NIGHT TEMPS OF 40 F | 5 C: Wearing one medium insulation layer head to toe. Advanced gear + campsite selection. R2.5+ pad. DWR Bivy. Sheltered from wind. Insulated balaclava.
NIGHT TEMPS OF 45 F | 7.5 C: Wearing one light insulation layer head to toe. Standard good UL camping technique. R2+ pad. Light full balaclava/winter facemask.
NIGHT TEMPS OF 50 F | 10 C: Sleep socks, long sleeve shirt, briefs. Light ski cap/thin balaclava.
NIGHT TEMPS OF 50 F+ | 10 C+: You got this!


WEIGHT: 10.6 oz | 300 gm

SHOULDER WIDTH (FLAT): 50 in | 127 cm
FOOT BOX GIRTH: 45 in | 115 cm
LENGTH (FOOT BOX TO NECK): 70 in | 178 cm

FITS USERS: Under 5’11” | 180 cm AND Under 180 lbs | 82 kg


WEIGHT: 12.6 oz | 357 gm

SHOULDER WIDTH (FLAT): 55 in | 140 cm
FOOT BOX GIRTH: 50 in | 127 cm
LENGTH (FOOT BOX TO NECK): 78 in | 198 cm

FITS USERS: Taller than 5’11” | 180 cm OR More than 180 lbs | 82 kg**
** Should fit users UP TO 6’4″ and 230 lbs.


The wider you are, the less side and wrap under back coverage you will have. This style backcountry quilt is designed to be open under the back and shoulders. Users in the LARGE quilt, who are over 210lbs and who are very restless turners or primarily side sleepers may not feel like there is enough coverage below 50F and may only want to use this quilt for summer use. For first time users of a backcountry style quilt, it takes a little bit of getting used to, but most become quite comfortable after a few nights.

Please, for the love of God: If you fall between sizes, SIZE UP! If you are on the line, SIZE UP! If you are in doubt on size, SIZE UP! If you just like more room, are a toss-and-turner, or are claustrophobic – SIZE UP! DO NOT try to save 1 oz, by sizing down.

Try out the fit at home for a few minutes after you receive your quilt. Make sure the test area is very clean – no dog hairs please.

NOTE: Used sleeping gear can not be returned. Please do not test it sleeping overnight on your porch. Actual Shipping & Handling charges will not be refunded.


SHELL & LINING: MLD Endurance 10D X 10D 3XDWR RipStop 0.74 oz sq/yd
The very best lightweight sleeping bag fabric available. It has a high thread count density for strength. Our 3xDWR shell and lining fabrics are an important part of the thermal equation. The liner and shell are tuned for air permeability to limit condensation and slow heat transfer to boost the the overall warmth rating.

INSULATION: Climashield Apex Synthetic
ClimaShield APEX is the most thermally efficient synthetic quilt insulation available. It drapes, compresses, and recovers extremely well and does not requiring through-stitching baffles to stabilize the insulation- that eliminates compressed sewn areas and prevents cold spots. Many other synthetic insulation’s require sewing of the insulation to the bag shell (you can see the many horizontal seams on the outside and/or inside of the shell) to prevent shifting or tearing. Apex is a modern continuous long staple type of insulation and does not need quilting in this type quilt and retains all of it’s Thermal Clo Value. Some synthetic insulation’s made for small panels in clothing that that test good Clo ratings loose much of that thermal efficiency by quilting to stabilized the fragile insulation matrix. Sewn through insulation generally cannot recover as well to multiple tight compression over time.

AVAILABLE COLORS: Black with Yellow Lining

* Visit our Fabric MOJO for more details on our fabrics.


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