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Bug Freedom +.

WEIGHT: 7 oz | 200 gm

Bug Protection + Great Ventilation for cooler Climates, Northern Latitudes and Harsher Weather. Mountain 10D 3X DWR head, foot, and side panels work to provide more overall protection in harsher, changing, and more northern climates.

2023/2024 COLOR NOTE:
Available Only OD Green Color Sides and Orange Citrus SilNylon Floor.


Bug Freedom +.
WEIGHT: 7.0 oz | 200 gm

Available Only OD Green Color Sides and 20d SilPoly Sage Green Floors.

Another MLD Original! Bug Protection + Great Ventilation for cooler Climates, Northern Latitudes and Harsher Weather. The Bug Bivy 2 is for colder temperatures and stronger winds than the MLD Bug Bivy. Mountain 10D 3X DWR head, foot, and side panels work to provide more overall protection in harsher, changing, and more northern climates. Our 20D Pro SilPoly floor has over 3,500+ mm water resistance.

Set Up Tip: The head peak clip can connect to a short bungee from the front tarp pole OR a small 1mm under-the -tarp ridgeline string with loops tied along the way at correct spots are perfect to clip in the peak and foot clip up. NOTE: Any preset permanent under the tarp clip points may or may not line up with all possible bivy/over head needs. Many users will not clip up the foot end.

Our goal with the MLD Bug Bivy 2 was to design the lightest fully enclosed bug protection available with great wind and blown rain protection that could be clipped under a tarp, or used under any single walled tent, tarp, poncho, or pyramid styled shelter. In a Pyramid, the slope of the Mid wall may limit the vertical height head end of the bivy.

Top entry works well with any size tarp and most other shaped shelters, pitched at any height. Especially helpful for smaller tarps, pitched low for heavy weather.

Available with OD Green side panels. One size fits most users up to 6’6″ | 198 cm. Above product photos show a 6’1” | 185 cm model with a size 12 foot.

Available Only OD Green Color Sides and Sage Green 20d SilPoly Floor.


• 20D Orange Sage Green SilPoly floor with over 3,500+ mm water resistance.
• Mountain 10D 3X DWR head, foot, and side panels for greater weather protection.
• 0.7 oz sq/yd Nanoseeum® Netting keeps even the nearly invisible bugs out.
• #3 YKK 54 in | 137 cm zipper that’s long enough to avoid a midnight wrestle fest!
• Fits up to 25 x 3 x 77 sleeping pads.
• Dual function as a ground cloth when bug protection is not needed.
• Overhead hang loop at head netting apex and one at waist/knee area at end of zipper. Most users will only clip up the head end.
• 5″ tall bathtub floor hang down when connected to tarp corners. One like lock at each corner for adjustment. No Struts.
• Stake loops at each corner can be used with small skewer stakes to help stand up the 5″ tall bathtub floor if desired.
• Most users will not feel the need to stake it out- sleep pads, gear and sleep quilt/bag hold it down just fine.
• Easy entry through the top: Get in, reach up to suspend the net and zip up. Done.
• Stuffs sack, bungee cord and clips provided.


PRO SILNYLON WEIGHT: 7 oz | 200 gm


FLOOR LENGTH: 6’9″ | 206 cm
BATHTUB HEIGHT: 5 in | 12 cm
WIDTH AT HEAD: 27 in | 69 cm
WIDTH AT FOOT: 24 in | 61 cm
HEIGHT: 27 in | 69 cm

* Fits users up to 6’6″ | 198 cm with wide, tall, and long pads (fits up to 25 x 3 x 77 sleeping pads!) Above product photos show a 6’1” | 185 cm model with a size 12 foot.


FLOOR: 20d Pro Silnylon
PANELS: Mountain 10D 3X DWR (OD Green or Orange)
UPPER: 0.7 oz sq/yd Nanoseeum® Netting, Black color


COST: $14

Add FOUR Titanium Skewer Stakes to your purchase.


COST: $10

We HIGHLY recommend Zip Care™ Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant be purchased with all our zippered gear.


1: The Bivy is first placed flat under a tarp.
2: You may stake out the corners if desired.
3: You load you sleep pad and quilt inside.
4: You climb inside and adjust and any position gear.
5: You reach up and clip the head and/or foot end hang points up to a tarp or pre- positioned shelter loop.
6: Zip closed from inside.
6: Simple!


The mitten hooks can be clipped to make the connection easier. Remove about 1/8” from the inside tension retainer bar end of the little hook with wire cutters or a sturdy scissors.


• A long bungee cord and two clips hook are included. Cut the bungee in two at lengths needed to fit your shelter.
• Many users will only clip up the head end.
• The foot end can be clipped up for truly severe bug swarms.
• You can also simply lay it on the ground cowboy style without stakes or overhead suspension like a regular bivy or bag cover.
• Above product photos show a 6’1” | 185 cm model with a size 12 foot.


• The Bug Bivy 2 has solid head, side and foot panels to block wind and retain more heat. At 5″, the Bug Bivy 2’s bathtub floor is 2″ taller than the Bug Bivy. The Bug Bivy 2 has corner struts at all corners.
• The Bug Bivy is a bit lighter and is better for warm and hot weather. It has an all netting top for more ventilation. The Bug Bivy has a 3″ bathtub floor. Pick the Bug Bivy for night temps above 50 F | 10 C.

4 reviews for MLD BUG BIVY 2

  1. Jake (verified owner)

    Over the last year I’v been aiming to hit the sub 10lbs ultralight mark while having a highly modular setup (I camp all year round in Australia)
    A key component of that was going to be a bivy to keep the weight down but most were to cramped/to hot/built from very thin material.

    Very glad I found this! Its light, made out of decently strong material (It’s also made by MLD so you know the build quality is going to be on point) and with the side walls it will keep my dry under the tarp but the netting gives me protection from the bugs and plenty of ventilation.

    I use this Bivy under the tarp, inside the Duomid or just cowboy camping style.

    I am 85kg and 181cm and find it very roomy. I can easily sit up and have a drink at night and keep other things inside by my side.

    I really don’t have anything bad to say about this bivy, it meets my needs perfectly for an all year round, light weight, modular camping system.
    Thanks Ron and the entire MLD team 🙂

  2. Rio Grande (verified owner)

    Got a BB2 last year and have used it a few times on the trail with and without a tarp – love it. However I’ve taken to mostly using it at home where I sleep outside 2-3 times/week, year round. Keeps bugs off in summer, adds warmth in winter and always keeps my sleeping bag out of the dirt. Easy to put out and bring in. I leave a thermarest in it and use a polycro groundsheet under it. I’m ordering another because I don’t want to be without and it always seems that good gear is unavailable when you wear it out and want to re-order. Well made and thought out, thank you MLD.

  3. Heidi

    Absolute perfect setup under a tarp. The head and foot provides protection from the open ends as well as the higher walls. It’s also the highest head height of the bivys I have tried so I can actually sit up. Change nothing!! My go to Bivy for sure!

  4. jessi (verified owner)

    If you want bug and a little weather protection to use with your tarp this is a fantastic option. Over the years I have bought about 4 solo bivies and net tents and this is the best I’ve tried.

    I bought this used from the original owner. I had been trying a variety of solutions to use with a 9×7 silpoly tarp. In no particular order I’ve tried bivies, bug bivies (not the MLD bug bivy although I may buy that), head nets and so forth. I also bought a used MLD 1 person serenity net tent (I believe this has been discontinued). I’ve also tried a few treking pole supported tents, including a very expensive DCF 1 person trekking pole tent that I almost never use now.

    I’ve had this for 2 years now and I’m ready to give my thoughts about it.

    Build quality: first rate. I am a big fan of MLD products (I own a Core backpack, a Grace tarp, a Supermid and a few other odds and ends.) I have come to expect the finest fit and finish when I buy an MLD product and this did not disappoint.

    All the seams are perfect. Excellent fabric choices. I think that ripstop nylon is the perfect choice for a shelter floor. Some people prefer silpoly because it’s slightly more waterproof but I really appreciate the greater abrasion resistance. And compared to DCF there is, IMO, no comparison. DCF is too bulky for shelter floors. The bathtub floor sets up well. My version has these little delran struts that add shape to the floor. Very nice touch. Another very nice touch is a strip of DCF sewn into the head end of the bivy where that triangle of Mountain10 is sewn to the side panels (both the mesh and the mountain 10 part. Very smart choice here as this is a higher stress area. The mesh seems like good quality mesh. It still looks news and has not snagged or gotten holes in it. I have noticed that some other companies seem to cheap out on mesh. Not with this product. The elastic connecting the mitten hooks still has good life left in it. And finally YKK zippers are used. They are the best.

    Using the bivy. I usually stake out the 4 corners or at least the 2 head corners. I typically use titanium shepherd hooks. While at first I was stringing up the head and foot ends, now I just hang the head end. It’s easier to get in and out that way, and I have my lines set up so I can quickly drop the head end to make it super easy to get in and out. I like that I get the benefits of a bivy (I just need a ~3×6 foot flat area to set up) while at the same time having a much roomier experience than a traditional bivy. I’ve used this in all sorts of weather and in all different seasons. I think that this is usable in all but the hottest of conditions. For me, I would think twice and check the weather before bringing this in July and August but I certainly have used in during those months. Eventually I would like to get the all mesh version of this shelter, but I’m not really in a hurry.

    And there are so many little details this just gets right.

    I think it’s perfect for my uses (mid-Atlantic and northeast USA). I love the lengthwise zipper. It’s actually very convenient and much better than a “tunnel” entrance. It’s great not having to army crawl into my shelter. I love that for just 2-3 extra ounces than a bivy I have room to move around and read a book/map in my shelter.

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