Lightest Tough Poco Panniers in the World.

WEIGHT: 4.9 oz | 139 gm (Each)
DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.25″ x 14″ | 28 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
CAPACITY: 6 – 9 L | 366 – 549 CI (Each)

Poco Ultra Panniers were designed to be as simple as possible with great function. A minimum of seams, stitching, mixed fabrics, squirrely zippers, or useless features.

Lightest Tough Poco Panniers in the World.

WEIGHT: 4.9 oz | 139 gm (Each)
DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.25″ x 14″ | 28 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
VOLUME CAPACITY: 6 – 9 L | 366 – 549 CI (Each)

Tested from the Pisgah Forrest to the Chihuahuan Desert. Tough enough for touring. Super light for racing.

Ultra Poco Panniers were designed to be super tough and as simple as possible with great function, a minimum of seams and stitching, no mixed fabrics or squirrely zippers or useless features. Minimalism. Designed for lightweight, ultra endurance, touring and race bikepacking. They can also be used on many front racks or strapped on a handlebar extension mount. It can be rigged as a front bag on top / in front of a handlebar roll. They can be used alone or in pairs. Long mounting straps are supplied to fit almost every possible rack. WEIGHT LOAD CAPACITY: 11lbs / 5L (Each)

• A lightweight Tumbleweed Mini Pannier Rack or similar light strong rack combined with Ultra Poco Panniers and an Ultra BikePacking Dry Bag can weigh about the same as some versions of a single large seat bag but offer 3X more volume and more efficient and faster packing.
• Compared to the popular aero carbon rack system seen on many ultra bike race rigs, using a Tumbleweed rack + Poco Panniers + a 12L or 22L Ultra Dry Bags weighs 500gms/17oz LESS and is more aerodynamic due to the lower side profile of the Poco Panniers vs the other systems bulkier wider sides sack style panniers that catch more wind.
• Fast entry and packing of the simple Poco Panniers and versatility of the Ultra Dry Bags size options saves packing time and is easy to use in cold weather.

For smaller frame bikes that can not fit seat packs, this is a great way to roll easy and light.

Riders on most bikes with size 12 trail runner shoes will clear the lower corner while pedaling No Problemo. The great range of adjustability allows positioning the POCO ULTRA PANNIERS a bit forward or back on the rack rails to make the clearance and balance fit custom.

Like most light small panniers are meant to be left mounted on the rack all the time. When necessary, these take about 2 minutes to remove and 3 minutes to reinstall.

Always use at least 3 straps to distribute the weight. One Wrap Velco straps are also provided to add a 4th or a 5th strap to the rack bar if possible. More straps distribute the weight and add to stability and longevity of the hyaplon daisy chain. Watch the YouTube video link above to see how to mount the panniers. DO NOT overload the pannier with more than 3L of water weight per side. Packing the contents to prevent excessive bouncing of contenct and thus the whole pannier on rough roads is highly reccomended.

Poco Panniers work great on most front full size racks. Some small front racks have very small decks and my not allow enough straps to make it secure. If the rack rail is shorter than about 8″ there may not be enough straps points. Three well spaced starps are required to prevent over stressing the bartacked hypalon daisy chain. Be Smart. If you packed pannier looks like a round barrell, there is a problem.

If your rack has boss mounts like the Tumbleweed racks, you can install the panniers (fill them up to simulate a hanging load) and then mark the boss spots. Use a red hot nail to melt a small hole for a boss screw. Use some 1″ stainless steel + rubber washers to make a water resistant seal. NOTE: The boss mounts should not carry all the load but only help stability and some load carry. Be Smart: Let the top daisy chain do most of the work.


• EcoPak ULTRA 200 FABRIC: Freakishly Tough.
• Waterproof.
• Rear HDPE Stiffener Panel.
• Can be Used as a Single or as a Pair.
• Volume Variable with Roll-Top Height.
• Whistle Lock Buckle.
• Dual Top Snaps Secure and Make Loading and Rolling Easy.
• Narrow and Smooth Enough to Slip Past Single Track Brush.
• Narrow Profile Does Not Interfere with Hike A Bike.
• Hypalon Straps do Not Absorb Water or Weight.
• Super Tape Seam Sealing: Seals + Adds Seam Strength.
• Designed for extreme lightweight, ultra endurance, touring and race bikepacking. Do not over load.


• (6) .75’ / 25mm Nylon Straps with 100lb Tough Buckles Minimum Weight of 6 Total Straps on Most Rear Racks is About +1.25 oz. Straps get User Trimmed to Length to Fit Rack.
• Four 4″ X ¾” Velcro One Wrap for Optional Mounting Reinforcement


• Woven 66% UHMWPE + 33% Recycled Polyester Face bonded with non-toxic carbon-neutral glue to a 100% recycled waterproof polyester backing.
• Lightweight, Highly Abrasion Resistant, Hydrophobic, Highly Cut and Tear Resistant, UV/Chemical Resistant.
• UHMWPE is 15x times Stronger than Steel.
• Smooth Low Drag Surface.
• Stronger + more abrasion resistant than 1000 Cordura.
• Tough UHWMPE slows down small gnawing animals and helps deflects sharp pointy thorny things.
• Fabric is 3X-5X more expensive than common fabrics.
• Learn more on our Fabric Mojo page.


The above photos show the Ultra Poco Panniers on a Salsa Timberjack 29” Size Small. Whiskey #9 Boost LT Carbon Fork, Advent X Drive, Teravail Tires, DT Swiss M1900 i30 Rachet LN Wheels, RaceFace Next SL Cranks, Stamp 7 Pedals, Tumbleweed AL Bar, Tumbleweed Mini Pannier Rack, DYI Framebag, and Top Tube Bag.

Bike Base Weight: 26 lbs
With Rack & All ULTRA Bags + Cages Pictured: Sub 30lb


WEIGHT: 4.9 oz | 139 gm (Each)
DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.25″ x 14″ | 28 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
MINIMUM HEIGHT:10” | 25cm *
MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 14” | 36cm *
CAPACITY: 6 – 9 L | 366 – 549 CI (Each) *

* Height and Volume Varies with Roll Down Top.


WEIGHT: 9.8 oz | 278 gm (Set)
DIMENSIONS: 11″ x 3.25″ x 14″ | 28 cm x 10 cm x 25 cm
MINIMUM HEIGHT:10” | 25cm *
MAXIMUM HEIGHT: 14” | 36cm *
CAPACITY: 12 – 18 L | 732 – 1098 CI (Set)*

* Height and Volume Varies with Roll Down Top.


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