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Handlebar Harness + Carbon Fiber Mount Bar and Clamps

WEIGHT: 7 oz | 198.45 gm

The MLD Border Handlebar Harness system is a simple, strong, and lightweight dual-clamp style handlebar harness built to hold all sizes of single and double-ended drybags. (Dry Bags Sold Seperate)

Handlebar Harness + Carbon Fiber Mount Bar and Clamps

WEIGHT: 7 oz | 198.45 gm

The MLD Border Handlebar Harness system is a simple, strong, and lightweight dual-clamp style handlebar harness built to hold all sizes of single and double-ended drybags, like our Ultra X Handlebar Double End Dry Bags and Ultra Bike Drybags. (BAGS SOLD SEPERATE) This dual clamp style harness provides more stability vs. foam spacers, has better clearance and cable protection and allows for better hand positions near the stem.

*** Strapping your dry bag or gear into a soft smooth Border Harness prevents any abrasion spots that will always occur if straping directly to an exposed bar only style system or directly to the bike handlebar.

Handlebar Harness Features:

• Ultralight and Tough Ultra X 200 UHMWPE fabric.
• Internal carbon fiber wands on top and bottom edges for stability.
• Multiple strap locations on the daisy chain to Velcro to the carbon fiber tube.
• 3” X 10” Bungee Cord Top Lash Deck. Attach rain jacket, tent pole bag, mini tripod, etc.
• Three 10mm Triglides for attaching accessories.
• Large Secure Full Rectangle Deck Wrap Face 10”X12”.

Clamp and CF Tube Features:

• Roll-wrapped Hi Modulus CF tube. 10” wide X 22mm OD. Wider than generic 8” DYI clamp tubes.
• 10.5mm wide clamps – 35% wider than generic DYI clamps.
• Stainless Steel Screws and oversize SS hinge pin.
• 4” clamp overall length.
• 2” space between harness and handlebars for hand positions, inboard bar ends, aero bar fit space, etc.
• Fits 31.8mm and smaller handlebars. Size reduction spacers are included. 31.8 mm is the most common bar size for Gravel, Adventure, Fat, and MTB bikes currently being used for bikepacking. Uses 3mm SS Screws; extra 3mm screws and lock nuts are included.


We recommend using Carbon Fiber Clamp Paste, the same as you would for installing a carbon fiber seat post. Position the clamps as close to the stem as possible, as that area is the strongest on CF handlebars. Any damage or scratches to handlebars is not warranted. We do not recommend use with Ultralight racing, CF road, time trial, and non-circular-shaped bars.


The individual system parts are super strong and can handle heavy loads. Most bike packers use a handlebar harness for a tent, sleep system, or similar gear weighing under 10 lbs / 5kg. We rate this clamp system for 7 kg / 14 lbs to prevent any significant clamping damage to your handlebars and to keep your bike under control and handling safely.

If you plan on strapping heavy water loads or large pack rafts to the system, you may use a second set of clamps (4 total) on an aluminum or steel handlebar to double the weight limit at your own steering risk; you may be better off using a lighter handlebar load in conjunction with lower front and/or rear panniers to improve bike handling vs. overloading the harness system on the bike’s front end.

Weight Break Down

Clamps: 1oz ea | Fits 31.6 and Smaller Handlebars
Ultra X Harness: 4oz | Fits Dry Bags 4” Diameter to 12” Diameter
Carbon Fiber Bar: 1oz | Hollow 10” X 22mm OD

1: Loosely attach clamps next to the stem. You will set the exact position and tighten it later.

NOTE: Move carefully when threading any small screw; you should not need force to start the screw. Light finger pressure is all that is required. The clamps should not have to be squeezed firmly or vice grip clamped together to align the holes. You may want to start the screw with the clamp positioned wider (on the smaller diameter part of the bar) and then slide it into place next to the stem after starting the screw. Using one drop of Red Loctite is OK.

2: Slide the 10” carbon fiber bar into the clamps. Center align; you will set the exact position and tighten it later.
3: Hold the harness under the bar to see if it is centered and positioned so the daisy chain Velcro slots align.
4: Test or visualize your main dry bag or gear in the harness. Position the bar + clamps tilted down as much as possible so the dry bag + harness do not rub the tire or fork. Leave enough space for the bike front shock to compress, allowing a few inches of tire clearance. Setting the harness bar tilt down vs. straight out moves the center of the weight closer to the steerer tube for better bike handling, and more ground will be visible in front of the wheel. Increased downward tilt also strengthens the system because it reduces the momentum of force.
5: Tighten the screws to approx. 3 nanometers. Hand-tighten to light to medium, as you would for shifters or brake levers.
6: Attached harness to the bar using the Velcro loops. Four are required. Two can be trimmed to ¾” wide if needed. 2 spare Velcro strips are included.
7: If the bar clamps slip down in use, tighten screws as required.
8: Attach the stem strap and/or bungee strap through the harness daisy chain to secure it from bouncing. It does not need to pull the harness tight against the stem. A small gap is OK and makes steering smooth and prevents abrasion of the stem or faceplate badge. You can also use the bungee loop to connect the harness to the fork or stem for added stability.


  1. JD Svoboda (verified owner)

    Just received this- looks to be a very nice design and very fairly priced too! I have a DIY handlebar setup with a thin HDPE sheet and several velcro straps that this will retire. Will be going to Queen’s Ransome shortly. I have no doubt it will prove bomber.

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