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$185.00 “Gear of the Year” Award Winner

WEIGHT: 5.5 – 8.0 oz | 155 – 230 gm

2023 Floor Color is Citrus Orange. Brighter tent life. Easy to find things. Easy on the eyes.

A 2004 MLD Innovation, the Pro Level SuperLight Solo Bivy ™ was the first DWR (Durable Water Repellant) top entry, super-light backpacker bivy with a net face window! Many years later, we are proud to say it’s still the best!

“The Mountain Laurel Designs Superlight Bivy is the best water resistant bivy sack we’ve tested. It works well under a tarp shelter anytime of the year or for “cowboy camping”. – 2017 Outdoor GearLab

SUPERLIGHT SOLO BIVY ™ “Gear of the Year” Award Winner

WEIGHT: 5.5 – 8.0 oz | 155 – 230 gm

2024 Floor Color is Sage Green.

A 2004 MLD Innovation, the Pro Level SuperLight Solo Bivy ™ was the first DWR (Durable Water Repellant) top entry, super-light backpacker bivy with a net face window! Over 15yrs later, we are proud to say it’s still the best!

MLD SuperlLight Bivy was used by Joe “Stringbean” McConaughy on his incredible Appalachian Trail FKT record.

This is the bivy Andrew Skurka used on his incredible 4,700 mile Alaska | Yukon Expedition, and it received’s Gear of the Year Award in 2010.

“I’d have to say that the Superlight bivy has been the one piece of backpacking gear that has had the biggest impact on my camping experience and comfort….It’s a very flexible piece of ultralight gear than can be used in a variety of situations to increase your sleeping comfort.” – Philip Werner | SECTIONHIKER.COM

The Pro Level SuperLight Solo Bivy ™ was designed to be used with overhard protection or shelter in the rain –it is not waterproof! The main functions of the SuperLight Solo Bivy ™ are:

• 20D Pro SilPoly Floor Color is Sage Green

1. To be part of a total sleep heat retention system adding 5 – 15 degrees of warmth, especially when even a slight wind gets under or around and into your shelter.
2. Bug protection.
3. Built in ground cloth.
4. To protect from any blown or splashed rain /snow that gets in under your overhead shelter.
5. To shave weight from a total shelter system. It’s a 6 oz multi-purpose piece of gear that allows for a lighter sleeping bag, a smaller overhead shelter and no ground cloth, or extra bug protection.
6. It can be used alone for night temps above about 65 degrees when you do not need a sleeping bag but do need some wind/water protection. It adds a bit of warmth – like a sheet.
7. It can be used alone with no overhead tarp, for cowboy camping on rainless nights. “The southern PCT System.”
8. It pairs perfectly with a backcountry-style quilt to limit warm air venting during night moves.
9. By putting your sleep pad inside the bivy you increase the sleep pad’s thermal efficiency by limiting convective heat loss.

Our GoodNight EVA Foam Pad is a great addition to this Bivy. Used underneath it add protections, warmth and stops any sliding.

The SuperLight Solo Bivy ™, is a true Ultra Lightweight Specialists tool; please read the entire product description and specs before adding to cart. Certain options are Custom features and are non-refundable, see “Options” tab.


• TOP: Highest Quality MLD Mountain 3xDWR (Durable Water Repellent) 10D fabric – sourced specifically for our bivy’s with no compromise on price or performance. Color(s): Olive Green, Orange Citrus (see “Options” tab for color recommendations.)
• FLOOR: Pro Silnylon or Light Green .75 DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber)
• Original Design: First DWR Backpacker Top Style Bivy with a Net Face Window
• Oversize for zero sleeping bag loft compression plus extra headroom for some gear inside
• #3 YKK deep side zipper extends to the waist for easy entry and exit
• Least expensive Ultralight High-Performance bivy made
• Mummy shaped with large volume head and foot area
• Overhead hang loop positioned over the face – clip it up under your tarp/shelter to create more air flow around the head
• Four drying hang loops- NOTE: THEY ARE NOT STAKE OUT LOOPS!!! If you use them to stake the bivy, use a small bungee cord and stake them loosely – they are not intended to function as the corners like on a tent bathtub floor!


WEIGHT W/ SILNYLON FLOOR : 7 oz | 200 gm
WEIGHT W/ DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) FLOOR: 5.5 oz | 155

SHOULDER GIRTH: 72 in | 182 cm
FOOT GIRTH: 55 in | 140 cm

FOR USERS: Up to 6’2″ | 188 cm OR 185 lbs | 84 kg WITH a regular 20″ W x 72″ L pad, no thicker than 3 in.


WEIGHT W/ SILNYLON FLOOR : 7.5 oz | 215 gm
WEIGHT W/ DCF FLOOR: 6.0 oz | 170 gm

SHOULDER WIDTH: 82 in | 208 cm
FOOT WIDTH: 65 in | 172 cm

FOR USERS: Up to 6’6″ | 198 cm OR 230 lbs | 104 kg WITH a long (25″ W x 77″ L) pad, no thicker than 3.5 in. OR you move around a LOT or have mild claustrophobia.


WEIGHT W/ SILNYLON FLOOR : 8.0 oz | 230 gm
WEIGHT W/ DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber) FLOOR: 6.5 oz | 185 gm

SHOULDER WIDTH: 87 in | 218 cm
FOOT WIDTH: 70 in | 182 cm

FOR USERS: Only for those over 6′ and over 190 lbs WITH a thick + wide + long sleep pad AND a winter thick sleeping bag OR you move around at night like two cats fighting. It’s pretty big!

* Rarely needed, the XL Size is CUSTOM & NON-RETURNABLE!


If in doubt on size, SIZE UP!

Try out the fit at home for a few minutes after you receive your bivy. Make sure the test area is very clean – no dog hairs please.

NOTE: Used sleeping gear can not be returned. Please do not test it sleeping overnight on your porch. Actual Shipping & Handling charges will not be refunded.

UPPER: MLD Mountain 10D 3X DWR
DCF FLOOR: 0.75 oz sq/yd DCF (Dyneema® Composite Fabric A.K.A. Cuben Fiber), Color: Light Green



Customize your bivy by choosing the outer and inner color! Color Choices: OD Green and Orange Citrus.

NOTE: We suggest getting Black or Olive Green for faster drying times.



Our large, half-moon bug net window over the face area has been tuned to provide the perfect balance of ventilation, low condensation, and heat retention.

Optionally, you can order an all bug net only hood. This option is recommended for primary use in warmer climates, and/or during warmer seasons with night temps mostly above 45 degrees. This is also a better choice for very rainy and extra humid conditions and can lower condensation inside the bivy when you sweat or are forced to wear damp clothes while sleeping.



Optionally, you can choose whether you would like your zipper on the right or left side of the bivy. A few considerations:

Lying on your back, a left zip bivy will have the zipper or your left, and a right zip bivy will have the zipper on your right. If you’re right handed, don’t assume you’ll want a right zip bivy – many right-handed hikers prefer left zip bivy’s because as you’re lying on your back, it’s easier to reach across your body to your left side to use the zipper. Of course, the opposite would be true for lefties. If you’re a side sleeper who sleeps primarily on one side, you may want the zipper in front of you so that you would choose that side for the zipper.


COST: $0 – $100

Your choice of Pro SilNylon or 0.75 DCF Light Green Floor.


COST: $10

We HIGHLY recommend Zip Care™ Liquid Zipper Cleaner & Lubricant be purchased with all our zippered gear.


  1. Dave Stone

    I own a medium with cuben fiber floor. I decided to spend extra money, but probably didn’t need too. I do not get as much condensation as I thought I would. And, the strength of the cuben fiber has proven to be durable and strong. But, the silnylon won’t break the camels back. go cuben if you are using it for a very specific reason… maybe FKT???

    Likes: weight, wind protection, and added warmth
    Dislikes: can’t think of any.

    Recommendations: understand the use of a bivy, and what MLD is describing in its capabilities. Because if you do… then I don’t see why you don’t own one already. this piece of gear is a must have if you are trying to lighten your load.

  2. Ben Kilbourne

    My favorite use for the Superlight Bivy is summertime in the desert. When the nights are 70 degrees and you can’t even touch your sleeping bag without sweating, you can just sleep in this bivy in baselayers very comfortably. Spiders, scorpions and mice can’t get in and you won’t sweat all night long. It’s perfect. I also use it in the shoulder season under my Solomid or Duomid. Right around freezing it’s nice to see a layer of frost on it in the morning, instead of on your sleeping bag. It’s a must-have item.

  3. R

    Great piece of kit – I use mine mainly in the tropics as the perfect replacement for a sleeping bag and where it prevents those 2am cool periods when the wind gets up. It also leaves one feeling safe from dangerous creepy crawlies as well as not causing overheating when fully zipping up when mosquitos about. I went for the cuben fiber floor which i find reassuring when a bit of rain blows in under the tarp as I just roll over and let the floor take the hit.

  4. g23y5eard41 (verified owner)

    I cannot tell you how happy I am with this bivy!!! I posted a quick overview at

  5. Nat Ross (verified owner)

    I’m so impressed with MLD’s customer service. When the Postal Service destroyed my bivy, Ron offered to send me another no questions asked. Stoked to cowboy camp in this.


    This is the BEST! I have used it on the unsupported cycling Transcontinental Race across Europe 5 times. I also have a FKT Event bivy which I used on a race across Australia but for TCR I like the MLD super light better. It has an excellent bug net and it’s great when there are bugs but it’s very hot outside. This bivy is super comfortable and breathable. I did not buy the one with Dyneema fiber and don’t think there is a need for Dyneema for the TCR.

  7. kahmadllop (verified owner)

    I was all macho and thought for years that I didn’t need a water resistant bivy ( used a climbing WP one for unplanned bivys).

    Well, I was wrong.

    Using a mat inside the bivy gives a truckload of advantages, thinner quilt, no drafts and less ticks being the most important.

    Feels weird adding 195grams to shed 300 on other areas.

    Can’t compare with other brands, but this time I’ll fall head first into biased thinking and recommend MLD’s over the rest.

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