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A Long Distance Hiker's Best Friend.

WEIGHT: 6.5 – 16 oz | 185 – 454 gm
SHAPE: A Frame W/ Closed Foot & Front Beak

With a closed rear foot triangle and overhanging beak at the head, the ultralight Patrol Tarp is truly a long distance hiker's best friend. The front can be pitched low and wide, partially closing off the beak end for protection from high winds and other inclement weather, or pitched high during fair weather for maximum ventilation.


A Long Distance Hiker’s Best Friend.
WEIGHT: 6.5 – 16 oz | 185 – 454 gm
SHAPE: A Frame W/ Closed Foot & Front Beak

With a closed rear foot triangle and overhanging beak at the head, the ultralight Patrol Tarp Shelter ™ is truly a long distance hiker’s best friend. The front can be pitched low and wide, partially closing off the beak end for protection from high winds and other inclement weather, or pitched high during fair weather for maximum ventilation. The Serenity BugNet Shelter fits both the Solo and Duo Patrol Tarp Shelter’
s to form a two wall modular ultralight tent system with bug protection.

“A long distance hikers Best friend! I used my Patrol Shelter most nights on the A.T. There is absolutely no wear visible and it never leaked a drop. The interesting thing about Cuben is that there is very little to no condensation. If anyone is asking themselves if Cuben is worth it… IT TOTALLY IS! Advantages: no stretch, lightest weight, stronger than steel, absorbs no water, translucent (can actually see stars through it), and it’s quieter than SilNylon or spinnaker; though probably more due to the excellent design of the Patrol Shelter.”

The Patrol Tarp is available in two sizes – solo and duo – as well as in a range of fabrics, weights, and colors to meet your outdoor (and fashion) needs.

Visit Fabric Mojo for more information on our fabrics.


• No zippers, flaps, latches, clips, snaps, Velcro or any moving parts
• Closed rear foot triangle provides great protection and allows a shorter length tarp with even more coverage overhang at head end
• Fast Set Up: Stake out rear corners, set rear pole, set front pole, stake out front corners!
• All tie-outs include line-tensioners
• Interior ridgeline gear hang loops for tying up bivy hoods, bug nets, etc.
• Beak has a reinforced interior apex for using a pole against the inside plus an exterior tie-out on the apex. Longer non-adjustable pole users can place the pole at the edge of the beak, tie a line from the exterior apex to the pole and stake that out and then uses a short bungee line to tie clip the beak mid height to the pole


• Silnylon Stuff Sack
• 40′ MLD Pro Guyline
• 1.5 oz Tube McNett Silnet Seam Sealer

NOTE: The SilNylon version of this tarp requires user seam sealing! Check out the “Seam Sealing” tab for instructions & tips.



FRONT WIDTH: Adjustable 48 –  60 in | 120 cm – 150 cm
REAR TRIANGLE: 34″ Wide x 25″ Tall | 65 cm x 85 cm
BASELINE LENGTH: 8′ | 245 cm
RIDGELINE LENGTH: 8.2′ | 250 cm With: 10 in |  25 cm Beak

MATERIAL: Pro Silnylon
WEIGHT: 11 oz | 312 gm
COLOR: Brown, Gray, OD Green, or Orange Citrus

MATERIAL: .5 Cuben Fiber
WEIGHT: 6.5 oz | 185 gm
COLOR: White Only

MATERIAL: .75 Cuben Fiber
WEIGHT: 8 oz | 227 gm
COLOR: White or Green

MATERIAL: .85 Cuben Fiber
WEIGHT: 8.8 oz | 250 gm



FRONT WIDTH: Adjustable 55 – 75 in |140 – 190 cm
REAR TRIANGLE:: 55″ Wide X 32″ Tall | 140c cm x 80 cm
BASELINE LENGTH: 8.2′ | 250 cm
RIDGELINE LENGTH: 8.5′ | 260 cm With: 12 in | 30 cm Beak

MATERIAL: Pro Silnylon
WEIGHT: 16 oz | 454 gm
COLOR: Gray, Brown, OD Green or Orange Citrus

MATERIAL: .75 Cuben Fiber
WEIGHT: 11 oz | 312 gm
COLOR: White or Green

MATERIAL: .85 Cuben Fiber
WEIGHT: 12.1 oz | 343 gm


COST: $30
WEIGHT: 1.0 oz | 28 gm

The SilNylon version of this tarp requires seam sealing, which is why we include seam sealer with all our SilNylon shelters. You can seam seal this tarp yourself in about 30 minutes with the supplied seam sealer OR as an extra service we can do it for you!

We use a diluted 100% Silicone Sealer on the exterior stitching above the lower hem. Factory seam sealing can add about 1 week to the order process. Seam sealing adds about 1 oz | 30 gm +/- depending on the shelter size.

Factory sealed shelters are returnable under the regular return policy, where as DYI seam sealing is not.

NOTE: Cuben Fiber shelters do not need seam sealing.


COST: $50 – $60
WEIGHT: 2.6 oz | 74 gm

Optionally, you can order a set of the very best Carbon Fiber tarp poles available! These poles are not just a simple pultruded, or wrapped in one direction tube, like cheaper CF poles – they are 0.355 outside diameter multi-ply, multi-direction carbon fiber construction. Tall enough for a 6+ footer to sit up under a tarp, but short enough to avoid an unstable tall wind profile.

The regular CF Tarp Poles do not fit the DUO size tarp, the DUO poles are a separate product, custom for this sized tarp. They are available as a set of 1 front and 1 rear, or individually.

This set includes:

1 x 28 in | 71 cm Carbon Fiber Rear Pole (0.95 oz | 27 gm)
1 x 42 in | 106 cm Carbon Fiber Front Pole (1.65 oz | 47 gm)


• Grommet locking tips- Easy to girth hitch guyline
• 15.5 in | 39 cm folded lengths for compactness
• Long and Strong aluminum internal ferrules with fast connect rounded end guides and tube spacer bumpers to prevent CF to CF abrasion


COST: $25
WEIGHT: 2.2 oz | 62 gm

Add 8 Titanium Skewer Stakes to your purchase. Stakes are 6.5 in | 16.5 cm tall and each stake weighs 0.27 oz | 8 gm.


COST: $6
WEIGHT: 2.9 oz | 82 gm

This product includes 40′ of our regular, non-reflective Pro Guyline in your choice of Yellow or OD Green. You can upgrade this to 50′ of 2.7 MM Reflecto Pro Guyline which has properly spaced reflective markers that are bright enough to see, without making your shelter look like that obnoxious house on your block with the out-of-control Christmas lights.

Each of our SilNylon shelters comes with one tube of McNett Sil-Net Seam Sealer. It is STRONGLY recommended you use this supplied seam sealer to seal and strengthen the seams of your shelter.**Cuben Fiber Shelters do not need seam sealed.**


1. Pitch and inspect your shelter for any issues. Once it is seam sealed, it is non-returnable except for significant defects.
2. Use the supplied SilNet Sealer and ONLY the SilNet Sealer. (If you want to dilute it or use some other silicone sealant it should work OK and is common (research this yourself online) but, you are on your own- results may vary and are not covered by warranty! If you go this route, it is assumed you know 100% what you are doing and have done it before!!!)
3. Pitch the shelter tightly. Temperatures should be above 60 F and humidity below 80%. You may do this indoors. You may also do one seam at a time indoors if the seam is stretched slightly. Pinning one seam from each end on the floor between two heavy objects works OK.
4. We use the SilNet straight from the tube. Do not make a big hole in the sealer tube – start small so that you can control flow. Multiple small application is a lot better than one big smear.
5. Main Seams: Place a small bead on the seam along the stitching. Work on a 3’- 4’ section at a time. Use a finger to press the sealer into the stitching and the small valley at the edge of the seam where it is rolled under.


NOTE: You only need to seal the OUTSIDE of the shelter. You do not need to seal the bottom perimeter roller edge stitching. It is OK to add a small bead on the leading edge of the triangle tie-outs reinforcement stitching, but it is not required.

SPECIAL AREAS: Add a little sealer to any tie-out stitching on the middle of a panel (Mids, Cricket, and SuperTarps). Seal the zipper storm flap stitching and tie-outs on the Mids. Seal the stitching and apex tie-outs areas on the Mids, Crickets, and TrailStars.

IMPORTANT: Do no go back and forth over the wet seam too much – after a minute or three it will get gummy and look bad; it is better to wait for 8 hrs and then add some over any area you missed.

1 review for PATROL TARP SHELTER ™

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Andrew Gierer

    I love this tarp! It protects a lot more than you’d anticipate. I’ve stayed perfectly dry under pouring rain. You have to pitch the tarp a little bit lower which makes getting in and out a slightly more difficult, but it’s not an RV you’re going in and out of all day, it’s shelter for the night. Plus, with that low weight, it’s hard to beat.

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