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Often Copied – Never Surpassed.

WEIGHT: 0.6 – 1.5 oz | 18 – 45 gm

Our eVent Rain Mitts are the most popular single brand gear item on lightweight thru-hiker gear lists the world over. Since their release in 2007, they've been 'along for the ride' with many a long distance hiker. Their excellent performance has been proven over, and over, and over.



Often Copied – Never Surpassed.
WEIGHT: 0.6 – 1.5 oz | 18 – 45 gm

Our eVent Rain Mitts are the most popular single brand gear item on lightweight thru-hiker gear lists the world over. Since their release in 2007, they’ve been ‘along for the ride’ with many a long distance hiker. Their excellent performance has been proven over, and over, and over.These gloves have been used by:

JUSTIN LICHTER “TRAUMA”: With over 15 long thru-hikes covering over 50,000 miles, including the first ever winter PCT thru and first ever continuous thru of the 2,400+ mile Great Himalaya Trail, Trauma has used the eVent Rain Mitts with a liner in very low temperatures.
ANDREW SKURKA: Long distance hiker, explorer, and 2008 National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, took the eVent Rain Mitt on the 6,875 mile Great Western Loop.
FRANCIS TAPON: Triple-Crowner (AT, CDT, PCT) and the first ever successful 5,800 mile CDT Yo-Yo
ANITA KASS “NITRO”: Used these on her 2,900 mile CDT and Triple Crown finish (AT, PCT, CDT). Anita is one of the very few women to Triple Crown primarily solo.
ERIN & BRENTWOOD HIGMAN: Used these on their 4,000+ mile “Journey on the Wild Coast,” from Seattle to the end of Alaska. At one point in an early season Alaskan blizzard, they were forced to stuff grass into the mitts as insulation!

“I have always sought out the solution for rain and hands and the eVENT Rain Mitts are the answer! Probably my favorite item EVER! ” – JUSTIN LICHTER “TRAUMA”

Why are our mitts so popular? MLD eVent Rain Mitts have articulated thumbs positioned off the palm face, not the standard design with thumbs out the side seam. They also have tall wrist cuffs for proper overlap with rain jacket wrist closures. They’re designed for the wrist bungee to last a very long time and be a one-hand pull or loosen maneuver that is functional over other layers. And, they weigh less than an ounce per pair!

These mitts are designed for ultra-lightweight protection, for 3+ Season hikers, needing short term early morning warmth or anytime rain protection. Not intended as all day everyday cold weather mitts, but plenty of folks are using them that way! At less than an ounce for the pair, they won’t last as long as 6 oz | 170 gm winter over mitts. Keep away from campfires and heat sources to prevent the eVent membrane from delaminating. Not warranted against fabric wear out. They have lasted many thru-hikers one full trip; your mileage may vary. Going over 3,000 miles? Get two pairs…

Available, in 3-Layer eVent Construction, or 2-Layer eVent Construction. Check out the “Options” tab to see which pair is right for you.


• All 3-layer eEVENT ripstop fabric is the lightest fully waterproof, highly breathable and durable fabric available. Our top quality version of eVENT fabric is waterproof rated at 23,000+ g/m2/24 hrs.
• Comfort down to 35+ degrees worn alone or mid 20’s with a liner glove while on the move
• Minimum of seams to maximize strength
• Anchored wrist cord lock / bungee closure is easy to use with mitts on
• Ergo wrist and thumb shape reduces seam stress while holding trekking poles
• Long gauntlet wrist covers jacket cuffs
• Sized to fit over a light to medium thick glove/mitt liners. Sized a bit larger than some mitts to give more room to vent and to not stress the seams under a trek pole strap.


• 1 x Tube McNett Seam Grip Seam Sealer

NOTE: Requires user seam sealing! Check out the “Seam Sealing” tab for instructions, tips, and an instructional video.


SMALL: 1.2 oz | 40 gm (Pair)
MEDIUM: 1.4 oz | 42 gm (Pair)
LARGE: 1.5 oz | 45 gm (Pair)


SMALL: 0.6 oz | 18 gm (Pair)
MEDIUM: 0.7 oz | 20 gm (Pair)
LARGE: 0.75 oz | 22 gm (Pair)


eVENT RAIN MITTS are sized slightly large for layering and comfort using a trekking pole strap. Order the size you would normally pick in any glove size.

SMALL SIZE FITS: Many women | Larger kids
MEDIUM SIZE FITS: Women with large hands (for a woman) | Men that usually get men’s medium or occasionally large gloves
LARGE SIZE FITS: Men that usually get large gloves or have x-large hands.

*Size corresponds to most light glove liners. If in doubt, SIZE UP! Minimal seam design balances the need for strength in a light fabric while maintaining a functional fit and thumb articulation.

If you are still unsure about which size to order: With your hand flat, measure from you first main wrist crease at base of your hand to the tip of your middle finger.

SMALL: Less Than 6.5 in | 16.5 cm
MEDIUM: 6.5 – 7.5 in | 16.5 – 19 cm
LARGE: 7.5 – 8.5 in | 19 – 21.5 cm

Greater Than 8.5 in | + 22 cm? This is very rare, but if it applies to you: contact us for a possible custom order of XLG sizes.


Tough, light and durable. Best for all trips where you may be wearing the mitts all day, frequent hard rain, and for colder temperatures, or as a waterproof shell over insulated mitts/gloves.


This version uses a lighter weight 2-layer eVENT reinforced with Dyneema Non-Woven Cuben Fiber. They perform the same as the 3-Layer but are lighter weight. They are also about 50% less durable. These gloves are best for lightweight speed trips when you may only need rain mitts rarely, or for emergencies.

Each pair of eVent Rain Mitts comes with one tube of McNett Seam Grip Seam Sealer. It is STRONGLY recommended you use this supplied seam sealer to seal and strengthen the seams.

To do this, use paper towels, socks or some other soft stuffable cloth or paper to fill out the inside of mitt to press the seams out nearly flat. You are filling the inside of the mitt and sealing the outside seam. Stuff the thumb first and then the rest of the mitt until full. It takes about a half roll of paper towels per mitt. The paper towels will be clean and usable after unstuffing – so no waste. Stuff the mitt fairly tight, so all the seams are not kinked. Keep it stuffed tight as you are filling it. DO NOT stuff it half full and then start cramming it down—Too much pressure will stress the seams.

Once it is stuffed, it is easy to apply a small bead of sealer on all seams. Then use your finger to gently press the small bead of sealer flat onto the seam. DO NOT go back and forth and back and forth with your finger to spread the sealer – it will start to gum up and look bad. Try to do it in one smooth pass of the finger.

Hang the mitt from the bungee and let dry overnight.You can test the seal by filling the mitts with water after 24 hrs and looking for leaks and reapply a small amount over any leaks. Do not force squeeze to test- use only light pressure!

A good seal seal job is key for long term durability and waterproofness in all day, all night, all day rain…



1 review for eVENT RAIN MITTS

  1. 5 out of 5

    Like so many other big mileage long distance hikers, my MLD eVENT rain mitts have been with me for thousands of miles of hiking. When you need them, they are there, and do their job. When do you not need them, at their crazy small pack space, and 1-ounce weight, they are not something that is going to take up space or add undue weight. Nice long length up the wrist/arm really helps keep any rain from getting into the glove. Do not let the task of seam sealing put you off from buying these. It is easy, fast, and a no-brainer to do. And if you only have to deal with light rain in short spurts, you probably do not even need to seam seal them.

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