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Lightweight + Strong + Simple.

WEIGHT: 0.4 – 7oz | 11 – 125 gm

Before building our own CF Pyramid Tent Poles we bought every pole out there and tested each one of them to destruction. When we finished breaking stuff in the name of science, we put everything we learned into making these bomber poles!



Lightweight + Strong + Simple.

Before building our own CF Pyramid Tent Poles we bought every pole out there and tested each one of them to destruction. When we finished breaking stuff in the name of science, we put everything we learned into making these bomber poles!

The two main issues with the lightweight poles we tested:
#1. They weren’t strong enough for the MLD Pyramids. MLD Mids are built to take a tremendous amount of stress.

#2. All of the various glorified light DYI adjusters slipped, froze together, were too heavy, weakened the pole with holes, or didn’t offer much in the way of adjustment.

Our Pyramid Tent Poles are made from unidirectional cello carbon wrapped carbon fiber tube, with fabric weave carbon fiber ferrules – it’s a mouthful to say, but it means they’re super bomber and light! The MondoMid version has a thicker wall for extreme strength.

Need a Custom Sized Pole? We make those! Check out our Custom Poles!

Made in the U.S.A.


• Bungee Corded Sections Are User Replaceable
• Capped Ends
• Matched 3″ | 8 cm Pole Jack with Ferrule FREE with each pole: Allows a higher ventilation pitch.
• Made in the USA – We source our parts in the US and we cut, sand, glue, assemble and inspect here at MLD.
• ALL MLD poles can be set at any angle to micro adjust the height. More Angle = Shorter Pole. The pole lengths are measured for a basic low to the ground MLD pitch. Adding the 3″ | 8cm jack allow pitches higher off the ground for more ventilation.
• Strong enough to use as an emergency trekking pole for tricky stream crossings, etc. Just tape the sections together with a little duct tape first.


• One FREE 4″ | 10cm  Pole Jack included with each Tent Pole Purchased. (0.4 oz | 11 gm)

55″ / 140cm / SOLO XL or DOUMID

WEIGHT: 3 oz | 85 gm
LENGTH: 55 in | 140 cm
STYLE: 4-Section X .43 Diameter
FOLDED LENGTH: 15.75 in | 41 cm

59″ / 150cm / DUO XL 

WEIGHT: 3.2 oz | 90 gm
LENGTH: 59 in | 150 cm
STYLE: 4-Section X .43 Diameter
FOLDED LENGTH: 16.75 in | 42 cm


FITS: SuperMid
WEIGHT: 4.5oz | 136 gm
LENGTH: 69 in | 175 cm
STYLE: 4-Section X .5 Diameter
FOLDED LENGTH: 19.25 in | 49 cm

For other size pyramids, older custom pyramids or other brand pyramids use the custom tent pole product and we can make it any length up to 72″.

• MondoMid needs a custom 72″ Pole.
• Cricket Tarp uses the 55″ SoloMid XL pole above.
• SoloMid can use the 55″ SoloMid XL/DuoMid pole offset to the front at an angle.
• TrailStar: See the lower cost Tarp Pole product.

5 Section BikePacking versions can be custom ordered. See the Custom Tent Pole product.

If you decide you need a pole to be a bit shorter, you can do it yourself. It’s easy! Cut the (short) amount off the TOP of the pole.


1. Wrap the spot you want to cut it at with a few very tight wraps of cellophane tape.
2. Use a very fine tooth hacksaw blade to cut it. OR, if you have a diamond-toothed tile saw, that works great too!
3. Smooth the cut using sandpaper.
4. The cut end should be capped and should NOT be used for the pole jack unless the cut is very well done and flat, so the jack fits snugly.
5. OR, we’d be happy to do it for you for no charge if you send use your pole and enough $ to cover the return shipping! Email Us First.

Custom Poles are not returnable.

We do warranty these poles for one year against breakage only due to material or workmanship mistakes. We will repair the broken section only.

It is not covered if you step on the main tube or the pole shows a lot of use or damage.

They are only intended for vertical use with tarps and pyramid shelters.


4 reviews for PYRAMID TENT POLES

  1. Alizarin

    Yes, indeed – These are >bomber< poles. I'm not a trekking pole user, so it was essential to find a good, sturdy, light pole for my new Solomid XL. I clicked the BUY button the first day they were available. Super product. Thanks Ron!

  2. Noel Darlow (verified owner)

    At first I wasn’t sure if it was worth shelling out for a couple of CF poles with a new Trailstar but I’m very glad I did. These are so light I feel like I need to tie them down to stop them floating away.. If you don’t use trekking poles these are a great choice.

  3. Matt B. (verified owner)

    Recently got a center pole for my Duomid. It’s way thicker than other poles I’ve used and flexes less than my trekking poles. Collapses down nicely to fit in a pack pocket or on a bikepacking setup. These may seem pricey, but I don’t think they can be beat.

  4. Lee (verified owner)

    I brought a set for my Trailstar, I was using trekking poles before but i hardly ever used them for walking. These are lighter, stronger, a little quicker to use as well as less overall bulk. Never had any problems with them, Nuff said.

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