In this video, Ron explains why he thinks the sub-one-ounce Nightcore NU25 is the BEST SUL headlight for 2020, and shows you how to hack the headband to make this powerful little light almost weightless!


With three separate light sources, four brightness levels, and three unique modes, the sub-one-ounce Nitecore NU25 headlight was built to handle the complexities of outdoor environments easily.

The 360 lumens main light can be set to turbo, high, mid, and low depending on your lighting needs. The high CRI>90 auxiliary white light provides soft, short-range illumination for reading, tent illumination, or emergency back-up lighting. The auxiliary red light can be set to high and low or and helps to protect night vision effectively. SOS, beacon, and emergency red caution light can all be used in emergencies. The high efficient constant circuit provides consistent illumination and prevents flickering.

The NU25 headlight comes with an elastic headband with a hidden silicon strip designed to divert sweat and prevent sliding. The headlight, with 90-degree rotating clip, can also be removed from the headband and connected to a 3/4″ or 1″ sternum strap or webbing, which can help to prevent headlight bobbing and the inevitable extended night hiking psychosis! We also include 4′ of black 3/32 bungee cord and 4′ of Glow in the Dark + Reflective 3/32 bungee cord that can be used to replace the stock deluxe headband; by replacing the stock headband with the 0.1 OZ bungee, you can save up to 0.8 OZ!

The built-in 2.26WH high capacity li-ion battery is charged with the included 40″ mini USB charging cable, and provides a max run time of 160 hrs. With over 500+ recharge cycles, this headlight is an environmentally friendly option, helping to reduce your carbon footprint and keep disposable batteries out of landfills. For continuous illumination, the NU25 can be connected to an external power source and will continue to function even if the internal battery has drained. If you’re looking to tether the light to a battery and want to save a little extra weight, a shorter micro USB cable can be used!

Whether you’re night hiking, setting up camp, reading in your tent, trying a little night photography, or trying to attracting help the versatile NU25 has you covered.