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Small + Light + Strong

WEIGHT: 3.3 oz | 94 gm (Pot + Handle + Lid)

If you only have one piece of SuperLight Titanium Cookware – The 850 ml MLD Titanium Pot should be it.


Small + Light + Strong
WEIGHT: 3.2 oz | 92 gm (Pot + Handle + Lid)


If you only have one piece of SuperLight Titanium Cookware – The 850 ml MLD Titanium Pot should be it. This pot is the lightest pot with lid and handles available in the 600 – 1000 ml size. Large enough to cook in, yet doesn’t take up too much room in your pack, this is our year-round “go to” pot.


• Thanks to our custom thin-walled design, MLD Titanium pots and mugs are the lightest Ti cookware available
• Titanium handles and lid will not melt like other aftermarket lids
• Not too big for a mug, yet not too small to cook in. Just the right size!
• Tall enough for two solo-sized fuel canisters or one tall canister and a stove
• Fits a Nalgene, a 1L soda bottle, or our 475 ml MLD Titanium Mug giving you packing options
• Wide enough to efficiently utilize all the heat off a small canister, solid fuel or an alcohol stove
• Lid has steam/drain holes and fits well.


If we could only have one Titanium pot to do everything – in all seasons, as a UL solo hiker – the MLD Titanium Pot is the one we would choose. Not too heavy or large for summer, yet big enough for fast shoulder season winter trips, the MLD Titanium Pot’s size and weight have replaced all the other Ti mugs and cook pots in our kit for solo UL trips.

The MLD Titanium Pot is extremely lightweight yet large enough to boil water for a large hiker size meal and have lots of hot water left for hot chocolate. Many dehydrated meals require 12 oz; this pot can handle two meals without filling the pot to the brim or spilling any while pouring. Don’t eat re-hydrated meals? No worries, it’s large enough to actually cook pasta in if you don’t go the re-hydrate only route. At 850 ml, it’s also big enough for a solo winter hiker to melt snow if needed.

It’s not so large that it takes up too much room in your pack – plus most of your cook kit will fit inside for efficient storage. It’s tall enough a windscreen will nestle inside (around a solo stove canister!) without sticking out the top and getting bent or slicing up other gear. With a regular straight sided AL windscreen and 2 Ti stakes supporting the pot, it’s wide enough underneath to create enough air to feed a small alcohol stove well.

BONUS: One boil session on a larger pot is a faster and more fuel efficient than two boils in a small 400-700 ml size pot.

WEIGHT: 3.3 oz | 94 gm (Pot + Handle + Lid)
CAPACITY: 28. 75 oz | 850 ml
HEIGHT: 5.1 in | 126 mm
WIDTH: 3.8 in | 98 mm

MATERIAL: Titanium (Pot + Lid + Handles)

1 review for MLD TITANIUM POT

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Matt S

    Everyone has different needs, but this is a goldilocks type of pot. I’ve had this pot for 5 years and use all sorts of cooking setups, but reach for this most often. The thinner wall titanium is plenty strong. It’s 3.0oz if you replace the lid. You may not use all the 850ml capacity all the time, but the capacity is great for putting your re-hydrating food back into it (plastic bag and all;) keeps everything very clean and gives the food room to expand into.

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