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The Range Extender.

WEIGHT: 9 oz – 12 oz | 266 gm – 355 gm

The M QUILT was specifically developed to be a multi-function piece of all-weather synthetic insulation that would extend the range of 2 – 3 season lightweight sleeping and clothing gear.

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The Range Extender.
WEIGHT: 9 oz – 12 oz | 266 gm – 355 gm

The M QUILT was specifically developed to be a multi-function piece of all-weather synthetic insulation that would extend the range of 2 – 3 season lightweight sleeping and clothing gear.

NOTE: The M Quilt onlyc overs foot to mid torso – a 2/3 length quilt. Black M Quilt pictured over a generic traditional hooded mummy bag. Mummy bag not included.

Color(s): Black, Olive Green, Orange Citrus.


• As a 2/3 quilt for warmer temps with or without an insulated jacket when a full sleeping bag is too warm.
• As a Shorty Hammock under quilt for milder 45 – 60 degree temps when you have an empty pack or small foam pad to use under lower legs.
• Extra or Emergency upper body insulation; poncho design can be worn under a rain jacket.
• As FKT and Adventure Race insulation at absolute minimum weight/space perfect for shorter polyphasic 24 hr – 72 hr race sleep cycles.
• As a 2/3 over-quilt to cover the bottom of a 2 – 3 season sleeping bag or quilt to boost it’s lower temp rating.
• Can be used over ALL other bags to boost temp ratings because the circumference can be adjusted. Use it over a 2- 3 season down bag and wear a light insulated jacket inside the bag to boost the overall system temp rating. This over bag system helps keep an inner bag dry. In below freezing weather insensible perspiration from your body or wet clothing cools as it moves through the sleep system and condenses back to liquid water near the colder outer surface. By using a synthetic quilt over a lighter /thinner down inner bag, the down bag stays dry, and if any moisture condenses in the synthetic quilt, it dries faster and retains heat when wet.


• Hammock Under Quilt Use Ready: Corner webbing loops for use as a hammock under quilt.
• Head and Foot elastic cord sleeves with anchored no-fumble cord locks at each end.
• Snaps close the foot end.
• Two upper removable dual sided adjustable back straps.
• The quilt can be reversed to use inside out if one side gets wet.
• We recommend Black or Olive Green color, for optimal speed drying.

The M Quilt, is a true Ultra Lightweight Specialists tool; if you are new to back-country sleep quilt systems and their use, please read the entire product description and specs before adding to cart.


TOP: 44 in | 112 cm
BOTTOM: 35 in | 89 cm
LENGTH: 58 in | 147 cm

* ALL Measurements & Weights Are Approximate +/- 5%.


SHELL & LINING: MLD Endurance 10D X 10D 3x DWR RipStop 0.74 oz sq/yd
The very best lightweight sleeping bag fabric available. It has a high thread count density for strength. Our 3xDWR shell and lining fabrics are an important part of the thermal equation. The liner and shell are tuned for air permeability to limit condensation and slow heat transfer to boost the the overall warmth rating.

INSULATION: Climashield Apex Synthetic
ClimaShield APEX is the most thermally efficient synthetic quilt insulation available. It drapes, compresses, and recovers extremely well and does not requiring through-stitching baffles to stabilize the insulation- that eliminates compressed sewn areas and prevents cold spots. Many other synthetic insulation’s require sewing of the insulation to the bag shell (you can see the many horizontal seams on the outside and/or inside of the shell) to prevent shifting or tearing. Apex is a modern continuous long staple type of insulation and does not need quilting in this type quilt and retains all of it’s Thermal Clo Value. Some synthetic insulation’s made for small panels in clothing that that test good Clo ratings loose much of that thermal efficiency by quilting to stabilized the fragile insulation matrix. Sewn through insulation generally cannot recover as well to multiple tight compression over time.

* Visit our Fabric MOJO for more details on our fabrics.


COST: Included.

Customize your quilt by choosing the outer and inner color! Color Choices now include: Black, Olive Green and Orange Citrus.

NOTE: We suggest getting Black or Olive Green as the INNER color for faster drying times.


STANDARD: 2 oz sq/yd Apex Insulation fill
TOTAL WEIGHT: 9 oz | 255 gm
BOOSTS A BAGS RATING: 10 – 20 Degrees

• Most users will get this thickness.
• Using this over a 35 degree down bag + an light jacket + balaclava will boost the sleep system rating about 15 degrees.
• Use alone with a light jacket inside a DWR Bivy sack for temps down to about 50 degrees

EXTRA: 4 oz sq/yd Apex Insulation fill
COST: +$15
TOTAL WEIGHT: 12 oz | 340 gm
BOOSTS A BAGS RATING: 20 – 25 Degrees


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